Mercedes C-Class, CLK, E-Class, ML and SLK D2B 98-05 fibre optic amplifier retention interface

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D2B fibre optic interface designed to retain the use of the original fibre optic audio amplifier (Usually Bose systems in cars built between 1998 and 2005) in Mercedes cars to allow the fitting of an aftermarket radio upgrade.

The interface connects at the back of the radio, it takes the phono audio output from the new radio and converts it to a digital signal that works with the original D2B fibre optic amplifier in the car.

Works with the following cars:

  • Mercedes C-Class (W203) 03/2000 - 01-2005
  • Mercedes CL (C215) 06/1999 - 09/2002
  • Mercedes CLK (W209) 03/2002 - 05/2005
  • Mercedes E-Class (W210) 06/1999 - 12/2002
  • Mercedes ML (W163) 06/2001 - 07/2005
  • Mercedes S-Class (W220) 11/1998 - 09/2005
  • Mercedes SL (R230) 08/2001 - 02/2006
  • Mercedes SLK (R170) 03/2000 - 01/2004

NOTE: if the car has speaker wiring in the Quadlock or two ISO connectors then it is NOT a fibre-optic amplified system and this interface is not needed.


This interface does not retain the use of the steering wheel controls. A separate steering control interface will be required.

This interface requires hard wiring to a switched and permanent power source, a ground and the D2B wakeup wire on the car. This is not a plug and play interface.

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