MATCH PP 72W-D One pair of 6.5" / 165 mm Plug & Play subwoofers

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PP 72W-D – One pair of 6.5" / 165 mm Plug & Play subwoofers with 2 x 2 Ohms dual voice-coil for compact vented enclosures
(approx. 15 liters net volume) Data Sheet..

You didn't find the type of enclosure sub you are looking for? - If none of the four MATCH enclosure subs fits in your car with respect to shape and/or size, then you have the chance to build your “personalized” version by yourself.

Therefore we offer the woofers PP 72W-D and PP 8W-Q, which are 100% identical to the drivers that are used in the pre-loaded variants. As long as you choose the net volume and port tuning frequency according to the installation instructions, we guarantee the same acoustical performance as our “standard” subwoofers.

  • Extremely stiff, hand-scooped paper cones
  • High-temperature resistant voice coils with large winding heights
  • Double ventilated voice-coils for minimum compression effects
  • Powerful magnets for compact-sized vented enclosures
  • Connector terminal for MATCH subwoofer cables already included in delivery
Power handling RMS / max. 100 / 200 Watts
Impedance 2 x 2 Ohms
Voice coil diameter 38.8 mm
Voice coil winding height 16 mm
Max. linear excursion +/- 5 mm
Cone area 125 cm²
Moving mass 25 g
DC resistance 2 x 1.6 Ohms
Resonance frequency 53 Hz
Mechanical Q factor 3.30
Electrical Q factor 0.41
Total Q factor 0.37
Equivalent air volume 7.9 L
Voice coil inductance 1.16 mH
Force factor 8 Tm
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m 87 dB
Outer diameter 157.5 mm / 6.2“
Cutout diameter 133 mm / 5.2“
Mounting depth 79 mm / 3.1“
Recommended enclosure (for two woofers)
Ported box
Vented net volume 15 L
Port diameter 7 cm
Port area: 38 cm²
Port length 20 cm
Port tuning frequency 50 Hz

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