Magnetic mount DAB+ car aerial antenna whip (With 2db gain) - 70-916

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Magnetic mount DAB+ car aerial antenna whip (With 2db gain) 
This top quality OEM German made aerial can be mounted on the roof of a metal body car for best performance, or can also be hidden inside and mounted the vehicle chassis.
Comes with a 3 metre cable terminated with an SMB right angle female connector. 

Covers 2 DAB frequency bands:
  • DAB+ BIII (174 – 230 MHz)
  • DAB+ L-Band (1452 – 1492 MHz)

Special features and properties

  • Active and low-noise DAB reception in band III
  • Passive DAB reception in the L-band range
  • Spotlight system installed in a plastic housing to protect against dirt and corrosion
  • Optimal transmission and reception properties on the vehicle roof
  • Optimally tuned DAB+ antenna with strong magnet
  • Installation (magnetic base, no mounting hole required)

Product dimensions and weight

  • Width: 34mm
  • Height: 270mm
  • Length: 34mm
  • Weight: 0.069kg

Technical drawing with dimensions
4403.80 Magnetic antenna (DAB+)

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