Kicker audio amplified speaker & 8" subwoofer bundle -2

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The KICKER Audio 8" system bundle is a complete upgrade to any factory audio system. The foundations of the system are the CXA 660W 5 Channel system amplifier, designed to power 2 sets of speakers and a subwoofer all from one unit. The amplifier accepts high and low level inputs meaning you can connect it to the RCA outputs of your radio if you have them, or wire directly to the speaker output, meaning it is compatible with all radios original or aftermarket.

Two sets of KICKER Audio speakers are included: one set of KSS 6.75" components and one set of KSC 6.75" coaxials. Both speaker sets are from the KICKER Audio KS range of speakers, this is a high end range with focus on audio quality. The component set is chosen to be installed in the front of the vehicle where there is more room for the separate tweeters, whilst the coaxials will fit nicely in the rear. These represent a huge upgrade over factory speakers and with the increased power coming from the amplifier these speakers will really sing. In order to correctly fit the speakers you may need some additional speaker adaptors specific to your vehicle. You can find out which adaptors by using our What Fit's My Car? tool and selecting speaker upgrade. For this kit you'll need speaker adaptors ending -165 (that's 165mm or 6.5" in size).

Additional bass is supplied via an 8" KICKER Audio TRTP enclosure. The 8" size is compact enough to retain nearly all of your boot space, while the rugged enclosure allows the box to be placed face down. You can therefore pack directly on top of the enclosure without fear of damaging the subwoofer in any way. Most importantly the additional bass will complete the sound of your vehicle, ensuring that no frequency is overlooked and you here your music as the artist intended.

To assist with installation this bundle comes with a KICKER Audio VK 6 AWG wiring kit. This includes all the cabling required for plumbing in your new amplifier neatly and safely. The true grade 6 AWG cable is constructed from Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) to guarantee good signal transmission between all the components.

What's Included

  • Amplifier
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Wiring Kit

Speaker Size (in) 6.75"

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