Kicker audio 8" subwoofer enclosure, amplifier & wiring kit bundle

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Add bass to your factory audio system with our KICKER Audio bass bundle.

The heart of the bundle is the KICKER Audio KEY 500W mono-block smart amplifier with its built in DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Most factory systems try to protect the speakers by limiting certain frequencies of sounds, namely the bass. The KICKER Key takes the equalized sound from any factory radio and levels it out to provide a clean neutral sound, perfect for running a subwoofer. This clean sound mixed with the 500W of power is more than enough to push a subwoofer to play at its potential.

The subwoofer here is the loaded TB 8" Tube enclosure also from KICKER Audio. The clever tube design contains one active 8" subwoofer as well as an additional passive reflex woofer. This extra woofer allows the tube to produce bass that wouldn't traditionally be possible from an enclosure that size. Furthermore it is possible to mount the enclosure vertically allowing to use very limit boot space.

This is also supplied with a KICKER Audio VK 8 AWG wiring kit. The OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) construction is an industry standard to ensure that the signal is transmitted accurately and doesn't negatively affect the system sound.

1x TB 8" Loaded Weatherproof Tube Enclosure - 2 Ohm

1x KEY 500W Monoblock Smart Amplifier

1x Kicker 8AWG VK-Series OFC Amp Wiring Kit

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