PS 4 Pad Heated Seat Kit with 5 Stage Switch (HS4PVAR)


Sale price£119.99


Use this high quality heated seat retrofit kit to install heated seats in your car, universal suitable for most makes and models.

This kit is for one seat, if you want to do 2 seats, please order 2 kits.


  • 4 Pad (one seat)
  • Variable Temp Switch
  • Pad Dimensions: 138 x 500mm
  • 30C - 70C
  • 12 Volt
  • Carbon filament
  • Universal fitting
  • Cuttable design without heat loss
  • Suitable for cloth, leather or vinyl
  • OEM Quality
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Supplied with cabling
  • Fits underneath upholstery
  • Fast warming time
  • Self adhesive edges
  • Detachable switch from wiring loom

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