Highway 300Di Pure Highway 300Di - In-car DAB Digital Radio and Audio Adaptor

CASSKU: Highway 300Di

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A revolutionary high-performance in-car adapter, Highway 300Di is a professionally installed solution providing outstanding DAB digital radio reception, discreet looks, ease of use, additional features such as digital radio pause and rewind, and a wide range of digital music options. Highway 300Di uses a direct input to your car radio for a stronger signal (via its aux-in or aerial input); and dual digital radio tuners.

These two tuners enable Highway to provide a dynamic station list; while you listen to one station, Highway constantly monitors for new stations, keeping the station list perfectly up to date.

Highway 300Di’s compact, removable controller has a high-contrast OLED display that’s easy to read from any angle, night or day. Back-lit buttons and a simple rotary control make it easy to change a station, pause the radio and control your digital music devices.

Highway 300Di provides full control of a connected iPod, iPhone or iPad. It also provides similar control and playback from USB memory sticks.In-car DAB digital radio and audio adapter.Active aerial option and dynamic station list for best-in-class reception Connection for iPod/iPhone/iPad (standard Apple cable required) and USB with full music control and charging Pause and rewind live digital radio Detachable controller with high-visibility OLED display Forecourt pause and picnic modes Aerial not included.

Highway 300Di is suitable for use with a variety of aerials including active (powered) internal or external windscreen mounted and magnetic mount. Your installer should be able to advise you on the best option for your car.

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