Hertz SPL Show 2 Channel Power Stereo Amplfier - HP 802

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HP 802 is an AB Class stereo amplifier, able to deliver up to 1800W. The power supply stage is overbuilt featuring components selected for their robustness, efficiency and reliability even for extended time operation. The output stage features an oversized power supply with 4 toroidal transformers, providing the ability to deliver remarkable power and work stable into 1 Ohm load. The array of the featured filters is remarkably complex, beyond the standards of mobile electronics in this category: separate Hi-Pass and Lo-Pass filters, able to be configured into a 50 Hz – 10 Hz adjustable Band-Pass filter. A parametric equalizer is also on board, to optimize the response on amplified channels, as well as a Pre Out, to re-launch the input signal to another HP 802 in a multi-amplified system without limits on the number of ways.

Technical Specification
Channel mode 2-1 Output Power (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC
2 Ch: 330 W x 2 (4 Ohm)
2 Ch: 550 W x 2 (2 Ohm)
2 Ch: 800 W x 2 (1 Ohm)
1 Ch: 1100 W x 1 (4 Ohm)
1 Ch: 1600 W x 1 (2 Ohm)

Hi-Pass 50 - 1k Hz / 500 - 10k Hz
Lo-Pass 50 - 1k Hz / 500 - 10k Hz
Band-Pass 50 - 10k Hz (HI) 50 - 10k Hz (LO)

Distortion - THD (100Hz @ 4 Ohm) 0.05 %
S/N Ratio (A weighted @ 1V) 103 dB
Damping factor (100Hz @ 4 Ohm) 500
Size W x D x H
mm (in.) 544 x 240 x 65,5 (21.41 x 9.45 x 2.55)

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