Helix Universal Remote Control with Touchscreen - DIRECTOR CREATE


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„Seamless integration" - that's no simple buzzword but more and more an important aspect when it comes to installing additional components into the dashboard of a car.
If you intend to integrate our display remote control in the most unobtrusive way, then here's what you were desperately waiting for - the DIRECTOR CREATE edition.
Delivered without the metal housing this kit definitely requires comprehensive mounting skills. But for DIY experts who really know how to deal with their tools the dream of invisible installation is now within reach!


  • 2.8“ / 7 cm touchscreen display and powerful ARM processor
  • Easy handling of the main functions
      • Volume control of all sources
      • Volume control of the subwoofer
      • Source selection
      • Control of the HEC BT module (Bluetooth® Connect functions: pairing, reconnect, disconnect / Bluetooth® Control functions: track forward/back, play/pause)
      • Switching between sound setups
  • Memory locations for 20 additional sound setups (only devices without ACO platform)
  • Automatic dimming function of the display
  • Display rotation adjustable to 180°
  • Compatible with all DSP products which are supported by DSP PC-Tool Version 3 and higher
  • 17’ / 5.2 m connection cable included



  • DSP
  • NOX4 DSP*


  • DSP PRO MK3**
  • DSP PRO (MK1 / MK2)
  • DSP.3S**
  • DSP.3
  • DSP.2
  • DSP
  • DSP MINI MK2**
  • P SIX DSP ULTIMATE** (not in 24V applications)
  • P SIX DSP (MK1 / MK2)
  • V TWELVE DSP (MK1 / MK2)
  • V EIGHT DSP (MK1 / MK2)


  • DSP
  • UP 10DSP**
  • UP 8DSP**
  • UP 7BMW
  • UP 7DSP
  • M 5.4DSP**
  • M 5DSP (MK1 / MK2)
  • PP 86DSP
  • PP 82DSP
  • PP 62DSP
  • PP 52DSP

* For the connection of the remote control an additional adaptor (Art.No. H424481) is needed.

** The Control Input-to-SCP adaptor supplied with the DSP product is required for connecting the remote control.

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