Helix EPC5.2 5m Easy plug cable for DSP products

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EPC 5.2

"Easy Plug Cable 5.2" - 5.00 m cable harness for an easy connection of HELIX and MATCH products to factory car radios.

The ideal cable harness that dramatically simplifies the connection of additional devices to factory car radios. The Easy Plug Cable (EPC 5.2) feeds our HELIX amplifier P SIX DSP (MK1 / MK2) with the four channel high-level (speaker) signals or our digital signal processors like MATCH DSP, HELIX DSP or HELIX DSP PRO with supply voltage from the car radio and the high-level signals.
An added benefit: Not even a remote signal is required for activating.

Can be used for the following devices: HELIX DSP, HELIX DSP PRO, HELIX P SIX DSP (MK1 / MK2), MATCH DSP

For car radios without ISO connectors an additional ISO-adaptor (PP-AC cable harness) is needed, which has to be connected between the EPC 5.2 cable harness and the car radio.

  • Plug & Play connector for an easy connection (8 pole RIA connector)
  • ISO-connection (for connecting the factory car radio per ISO-connector and socket)

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