Helix 6 Channel Digital Signal Processor with High Level Input DSP MINI


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Small in size, huge in sound!

High tech in compact dimensions despite its size, the HELIX DSP MINI is crammed with state-of-the-art technology. A 64 Bit Audio DSP of the latest generation in combination with a sampling rate of 96 kHz and a High-Resolution audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHz provides phenomenal sound quality. In addition, the DSP MINI offers unique DSP sound features like the Augmented Bass Processing, the StageXpander or the RealCenter function which open new possibilities to tweak your audio system.

But not only in terms of sound quality, the DSP MINI heralds a new era in signal processor technology. An extraordinary powerful 32 Bit CoProcessor (ACO) for all monitoring tasks provides a decisive speed increase particularly in data communication with our DSP PC-Tool software, but also when switching between different sound setups. Furthermore, it supplies 10 internal memory locations for sound setups instead of the usual two.

As if that wasn't enough the high-level input with ADEP.3 circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection, 3rd Generation), the Auto Remote switch, an optical input as well as the HELIX Extension Card slot (HEC slot) for system add-ons like Bluetooth Audio Streaming or High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB are, of course, part of the basic equipment.

The DSP MINI presents itself in the HELIX-typical, clean look - far too beautiful to hide it "somewhere" in the vehicle due to its small dimensions. Naturally, the HELIX DSP MINI can be configured as easy as usual thanks to the professional and particularly user-friendly DSP PC-Tool Software V4. Who said that size matters?

  • Extremely powerful fixed point Audio DSP with 64 Bit resolution and 1.2 billion MAC operations per second
  • High-Resolution audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHz for unrivalled sound quality
  • ACO Advanced 32 Bit CoProcessor for all control and communication tasks
  • 10 internal memory locations for sound setups
  • Setup switching within milliseconds
  • High-speed data transfer and improved usability
  • HELIX Extension Card slot (HEC) for system add-ons
  • Smart high-level input with ADEP.3 circuit and Auto Turn-On function
  • Start-Stop capability down to the 6V supply voltage
  • Unique DSP Sound Effects such as the Augmented Bass Processing which dynamically optimizes the bass response of the subwoofer, the StageXpander that significantly widens the stereo perspective, the RealCenter function, which allows a perfectly focused sound staging for both driver and co-driver and much more
  • Freely definable signal routing with separate matrices for line, SPDIF and HEC/AUX
  • Optimal signal path and power supply for further improved sound quality
  • Ground lift switch to avoid ground loops
  • Very compact dimensions for easy integration into the vehicle
  • Easiest configuration via the intuitive DSP PC-Tool V4 software


The RealCenter feature is an algorithm, developed by Audiotec Fischer, that emphasizes the music information which is present in both the left and right front channel to create a unique centre signal. In contrast to common procedures, in which only the channels are summed up, the intensity of the center signal is also dynamically controlled by the stereophonic informational content of the left and right channel. 

Sounds complicated but this effect is astonishing: That means if solely the left or right channel delivers an audio signal, the centre channel will not reproduce a signal. In the case of common algorithms, the volume level of the centre channel is only reduced by 6 dB (= half volume level). Audiotec Fischers RealCenter allows a unique, broadened sound staging for both driver and co-driver at the same time! Therefore, the disadvantages of a conventional centre channel, such as an intrusive, small soundstage, are things of the past.

Augmented Bass Processing

Audiotec Fischers proprietary Augmented Bass Processing, consisting of the two revolutionary sound features Dynamic Bass Enhancement and SubXpander, has been specially developed to dramatically improve the bass reproduction of subwoofers. 

The Dynamic Bass Enhancement ingeniously combines maximum deep bass and highest sound pressure - regardless of the music style or the tone controls in the head unit. Depending on the input signal, the Dynamic Bass Enhancement gains the lower frequency range and varies the cut-off frequency of the subsonic filter. The result is a significantly more powerful and deeper bass response at low and medium volume levels without the risk of overloading the subwoofer neither mechanically nor electrically at high volume levels. It is simply fascinating which bass performance is suddenly possible.

If you want an even lower and darker bass reproduction, the SubXpander can be additionally activated. Therefore, subharmonic tones are added to the fundamental tones in the frequency range between 50 and 100 Hz.


Depending on the speaker arrangement in the vehicle, a more or less wide stereo soundstage can be created on the front seats. A centre speaker may limit the spatial reproduction of the music additionally. This is where Audiotec Fischers new StageXpander comes into play a sound feature which seems to break the acoustic limitations and thus allows to create a way broader stereo base without negatively affecting the precision of the localization of voices or instruments!

The effect can be adjusted according to your personal preferences in four steps.


You are looking for more transparency and substance in the treble reproduction? With the ClarityXpander Audiotec Fischer is now offering the right tool. Properly adjusted (and therefore selectable in three steps) the feature adds additional harmonics in the upper-frequency range this is especially useful if the original speakers lack some brilliance in the treble response. The extra treble-kick is not only available for the two front channels but also separately adjustable for the center channel. Even better - the center channel allows activating an automatic and dynamic control so that music with loads of treble doesn't fatigue your hearing.


Inputs 4 x RCA / Cinch

4 x High-level speaker input

1 x Optical SPDIF (12 - 96 kHz)

1 x Remote In

Input sensitivity RCA / Cinch 2 - 4 Volts

High-level 5 - 11 Volts

Outputs 6 x RCA / Cinch

1 x Remote Out

Output voltage 4 Volts

Frequency response 10 Hz - 44,000 Hz

DSP resolution 64 Bit

DSP power 295 MHz (1.2 billion MAC operations/second)

Sampling rate 96 kHz

DSP type Audio signal processor

Signal converters A/D: Asahi Kasei

D/A: Asahi Kasei

Signal-to-noise ratio digital input 106 dB (A-weighted)

Signal-to-noise ratio analog input 103 dB (A-weighted)

Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) digital input > 0.001 %

Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) analog input > 0.002 %

IM distortion (IMD) digital input > 0.004 %

IM distortion (IMD) analog input > 0.004 %

Crosstalk > 90 dB

Operating voltage 9.6 - 18 Volts (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)

Current draw > 400 mA

Max. remote output current 500 mA

Additional features HEC slot, Ground lift switch, Control Input, 32 Bit Co Processor, ADEP.3 circuit, Auto Remote switch

Dimensions (H x W x D) 40 x 177 x 104 mm 

1.58 x 6.97 x 4.09

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