Ford Ranger gen 3 & 4 2011-2021 Kicker audio upgrade kit3

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Our ultimate audio makeover specifically for 3rd and 4th generation Ford Ranger vehicles. This kit provides upgraded speakers for both the front and rear of your vehicle and includes the speaker rings and speaker wire adaptors to ensure that they fit. The speaker construction utilises uprated components and higher quality materials mean that the speaker not only reproduces sound more accurately but can also utiliser more power. The result: louder, clearer and more enjoyable audio.

To compliment this speaker overhaul there is the KICKER Audio KEY 200 Watt 4 channel amplifier, included for 3 important reasons: pushing extra power to the speakers, equalising the sound from the factory radio and allowing correct staging.

The first is fairly simple, the factory radio will be limited in the amount of power it can provide for the speakers. Adding an aftermarket amplifier will increase this power to the new speakers allowing them to play to their potential.

The equalising is required to correct the output from the factory radio. As the speakers installed in the vehicle originally are made of cheaper materials, the radio is tuned to play louder at certain frequencies that are less likely to blow it up. If you upgrade to speakers that can handle more power then this equalisation needs to be removed allowing for a complete sound to pass into the speakers.

This smart amplifier can also help with what is known as staging. Rather than hearing sound come from 2 separate speakers, staging uses time alignment and individual speaker volume control to make the sound appear right in front of you like sitting in the middle of a concert hall.

All of these features working together with upgraded speakers completely transform the audio of the Ranger while maintaining the original radio and all functionality.

The kit 3 also benefits from an additional powered 8" subwoofer. The slim line enclosure has been selected as it installs neatly beneath the drivers seat on the Ford Ranger adding some amazing bass tones and taking the audio system to the next level.

For the KEY200.4 auto set-up, you will need to download the free test tone available here

What's included

1 x KICKER Audio KS Component Speaker Set to replace the factory front speakers, Manual

1 x KICKER Audio KS Coaxial Speaker Set to replace the factory rear speakers, Manual

2 x Speaker Adaptor Cables to convert the factory wiring to fit the upgraded speakers

1 x KICKER Audio KEY 200W 4 Channel Amplifier with DSP, Manual

1 x Wiring T Harness & 2 x ISO Extension Leads to install the amplifier without cutting any factory wiring

1 x KICKER Audio HS 8" Powered Enclosure to add some extra bass to your system, Manual

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