Focal PolyGlass 4 inch (10cm) 2-Way Coaxial Speaker set with Grilles - PC-100

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With its 315/16 (100mm) speaker drivers, this kit will have no problem finding its place in your vehicle. Its inverted dome tweeters provide mellow sound and great definition without directivity. As to its Polyglass cone woofer, it ensures natural sound without colouration.

This coaxial kit will give your vehicle natural and dynamic sound. These speaker drivers with high sensitivity are also very resistant thanks to the butyl suspension as well as the rigid aluminium chassis. Another key point is the tweeters acoustic horn which improves the position of the soundstage.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of high-end audio equipment, Focal has become a reference in the car audio sector. Hundreds of technological innovations have marked Focals history and development for your greatest listening pleasure.


What makes the difference:

  • Partial horn loading tweeter
  • High sensitivity
  •  High soundstage
  • Dynamics and neutrality
  • Nominal power 50W
  • Maximum power 100W
  • Sensitivity 90.9dB
  • Cone Polyglass
  • Surround Butyl
  • Nom. impedance 4 Ohms
  • DC resistance 3 Ohms
  • VC diameter 25mm
  • VC height 9.5mm
  • Former Kapton
  • Layers 2
  • Wire Copper
  • Inductance 0.14mH
  • Xmax 2.25mm 01/16 in
  • Magnet d x h 72 x 15mm 213/16 x09/16 in
  • Magnet weight 160g 0.35 Ib
  • Flux density -
  • Gap height 5mm 03/16 in
  • Net weight 650g 1.43 Ib

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