Fakra to DIN Aerial Adapter cable with 12v Phantom power and Bullet connection

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This cable converts the original antenna connector in the car, known as a Fakra connector, to a standard aftermarket antenna connector, known as a DIN connector.

The adapter cable has a built in module which provides a phantom power feed to the original antenna in the car. A phantom power feed is a 12v power supply that is sent up the centre wire of the antenna cable, this powers the amplifier built into the original antenna. The antenna adapter cable has a loose wire which needs to be connected to the 12v antenna power output of the new aftermarket stereo.

The phantom power feed terminates in a junior timer receptacle terminal to make it easy to connect into the electric antenna turn on position of a standard ISO connector. We also have this part available with a male bullet connector to make the phantom power lead easier to connect to ISO cables and steering wheel control interfaces with a female bullet connection for the electric antenna turn on, the 21-123K.


Citroen - Berlingo II (2008 - 2018)

Peugeot - Partner II (2008 - 2018 )

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