Direct Fit Mercedes Premium 4" (100 mm) 2-Way Point Source Coaxial Speaker Set - Morel


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As part of the Reference level, this point source (see below) system for Mercedes takes sound performance to new levels. Music lovers will be consumed by the level of tonal purity, detail, and ease of listening.

Featuring DirectFit, the unique 4-inch (100mm) chassis design with supplied mounting brackets and factory wire connections allow the IR-ME42INT to fit modern Mercedes models without the need for modification.

The IR-BMW4INT is based on Morel’s highly regarded Hybrid Integra speaker series. Each 4-inch point source uses a 2.1” (51mm) voice coil and powerful hybrid EVC motor design, offering exceptional power handling and unmatched cone control. The concentrically mounted hi-res tweeter uses Morel’s proprietary 1.1” (28mm) Acuflex silk dome and dual neodymium magnet motor. This culminates into a plug-and-play speaker system that simply has no equal.

What is 'Point Source'?
In a conventional coaxial speaker design, the tweeter sits an inch or more above the base of the woofer cone. This distance results in sound from each driver reaching your ears at different times. This mismatch in arrival time causes phase issues and unpredictable frequency response around the crossover point where both speakers are reproducing music. Coaxial speaker systems that do not have a low-pass filter on the woofer exaggerate this unwanted instability even further.

The point source design places the tweeter at the base of the woofer cone, rather than above it. Sound radiates from both sources simultaneously. The result is smooth and natural frequency response through the crossover frequency region.

Speaker Size (in) 4"
Style Coaxial
Impedance (Ohms) 4
RMS Power (W) 80
Peak Power (W) 250
Sensitivity (dB @ 1W/1m) 90
Frequency Response (Hz) 80-20k

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