Digital Radio DAB / DAB+ AM/FM Shark Fin Antenna with Cables

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Roof Mount Shark Fin Antenna for DAB DAB+ AM/FM

D.A.B. cable : L = 5 m / Z = 50 Ohm / C = 101 pF/m
D.A.B. connector : SMB F
D.A.B. feeding cable 12V
Frequency band :III band 174-240 Mhz / L band 1452-1492 Mhz
Gain (dB) : III band 0 dB / L band 14 dB
Overall dimensions (LxBxH) : 11.7X 7.6 x 6.2 cm
Roof mounting : original drilling or 19 mm drilling

Supplied with 5m DAB Cable & AM/FM Coax

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