Front Parking Sensors GPS Controlled (Easy Fit)

C-KOSKU: RS-4000-F

Sale price£109.99


Front sensors for your car with Global Positioning System Control.

Quick installation - simple live and earth two-wire connection. No need for speed pulse, No brake connection required, No additional boxes or switches and no need for CAN Connection.

Driver-friendly - 5 second off delay for traffic.

  • Push-fit gloss 22mm black sensor heads
  • Sensors on between 1mph - 6mph
  • 3m cable length at the furthest sensor
  • Detection range 1.2m to 0.3m
  • Power 12v DC
  • Variable volume buzzer included
  • Optional display available

These have to be the easiest way to protect the front of your vehicle when parking.

Up until now, aftermarket front parking sensors have either required an expensive Can controller to sense the speed of the car and turn off the sensors after about six miles per hour (otherwise rain can set them off while driving) or a manual switch that needed to operate when moving forward at slow speed or a timer relay that would turn on the fronts for a few minutes after you selected reverse.

The RS-4000 system uses GPS (satellites) to detect vehicle movement and speed so the sensors come on automatically when you slow down and go off again when you speed up.

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