BSA-1 Baby Seat Alarm

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The Steelmate baby seat monitoring system will audibly and visually alert you after you switch off the vehicle ignition if you have left a child in the baby seat. The system also warns you if a child gets up from the seat while you are still driving. The system is plug-and-play and therefore does not require skilled installation. The system is suitable for cars without permanent voltage at the cigarette lighter socket only.

Audible and visual warnings if the child remains in the baby seat after the ignition has been switched off
Suitable for children from 5kg to 36kg (6 months to 12 years)
Consist of the display unit and the switch pad
The switch pad is battery powered and wirelessly communicates with the display unit
The display unit features:
– Buzzer
– Display
– 2A USB output for charging other devices
Suitable for 12V cars only

Note: This device is designed to remind you that your child is in the baby seat, not to save a child’s life.

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