BMW X5 radio fitting and amplifier bypass cable for cars with original DSP amplifier

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Adapter cable to bypass the original DSP amplifier in a BMW X5 car with original sat nav.

This adapter cable allows the fitting of an aftermarket stereo upgrade by bypassing the original DSP amplifier in the car. The original amplifier uses a digital data audio signal and therefore cannot be used with an aftermarket radio. the cable bypasses the original amplifier allowing the new radio to play audio directly to the cars speakers.

The original amplifier is located behind the rear left quarter panel in the boot. The amp bypass cable connects to the speaker connectors from the amplifier, it also connects to the quadlock connector from the original tuner module located under the boot floor next to the battery. A 5 metre extension is provided to then extend these audio and power connections to the dashboard. The cable then terminates with a quadlock connector, this allows for the fitting of an ISO radio adapter cable or a steering wheel control adapter cable to fit to the new radio.

The cable will also pick up the steering wheel control signal from the tuner module and extend the signal to the quadlock connector in the dashboard, this allows for a steering control interface to work without any extra wiring. The extension also accommodates for speed pulse and reverse gear signals to be extended to the steering control interface, these are loose wires on the adapter cable that need to be hardwired at the back of the car.

Fitting instructions are included.

This bypass cable is for cars with the DSP amplifier only, below are images of the DSP amplifier. Some cars have a power amplifier, a different kit is needed for these cars.

Image of the DSP amplifier

Image of the connectors on the top of the DSP amplifier.

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