BLAM RELAX 165R3 165mm (6.5inch) 3-Way (2+1) Separate-Channel Loudspeaker car audio System (PAIR)

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The BLAM 165R3 is recommended for demanding listeners who want to unleash the full potential of their car audio system. The kit includes two 165mm (6.5″) woofers, two 80mm (3″) midrange drivers, two 20mm (3/4″) soft-dome tweeters and six separate crossovers. This high performance 3-way split system offers incredible sound quality at the price of standard products and with high efficiency and low impedance, the components deliver clear, powerful sound that will make any journey an enjoyable experience.

The speakers of the Relax collection have two ohm voice coils. This gives the amplifier more power to the element than with 4 ohm voice coils. The high sensitivity and lower impedance help to get more sound out of the speakers, even just at the end stage of the player.

The R3 separate set has a separate crossover filter for each speaker. This makes installation easier, especially in the original places of the car, because there is no need for a separate cable for the mid-bass, midrange and treble from the filter.

The BLAM 165R3 separate set has a 20 mm fabric dome tweeter that serves even the highest sounds with a pleasant timbre without listening fatigue. The treble crossover has a high-quality capacitor and a 2-step treble level control. The middle tone has a size of 90 mm with a paper mache cone, a rubber upper suspension and a fiberglass-reinforced composite body. The midrange has solid metal grilles.

BLAM Relax separate sets are designed and implemented to improve the car's sound reproduction from the car's original speaker locations. There are no grills in the midbass because they are not needed in the original places of the car. The tweeter without additional parts is very compact, it fits in the standard place of any car in place of the original tweeter. If there is no place for a tweeter in the car, with the included very versatile installation parts, it can be installed as a recessed, surface installation, or with corner cups that have two different installation angles.

BLAM Relax 165R3 is a 3-way separate set of the BLAM Relax collection, which includes 6.5″ midbass, 3″ midrange and 20mm silk calotte tweeters

The MidBassos

Equipped with a fiberglass-reinforced composite body, a paper pulp cone and a rubber upper suspension. The midbass has a 25mm (1″) voice coil and a large 85 x 17mm magnet.


Like the mid-bass, the mid-tones are also equipped with a fiberglass-reinforced composite body and a paper pulp cone. The mid-tones have sturdy metal nets permanently installed, and the elements require an installation depth of about five centimetres.


The trebles are small in size and when the mounting collars are removed from the elements, the trebles are easy to install in the original treble positions of many cars, hidden behind the original nets. Also included are elegant "bullet" model surface mounting cups and recessed cups that allow the tweeters to be elegantly installed in, for example, mirror triangles.

Distribution filters

The BLAM Relax 165R3 series comes with six separate distribution filters, i.e. each element has its own 6dB/oct distribution filter, which is installed between the speaker cables. The filters are very compact, so they are easy to install. The treble filter also has a separate level control, which can be used to drop the treble level by three decibels if desired. Split filters are all outwardly similar, but inside the split filters there is an indication of which element the filter is.

W = Woofer

M = Mid

T = Tweeter

Technical features

  • High performance 3-way split system 165 mm
  • Max Power 150 W
  • Nominal Power 75 W
  • Frequency response 60 Hz – 25 kHz
  • Sensitivity 95 dB
  • Impedance 2 Ω


2 x Woofers 165R3

  • 165 mm (6.5”) woofer
  • Maximum power 150 W / Rated power 75 W
  • Frequency response 60 Hz – 8 kHz
  • Sensitivity 95 dB – Impedance 2 Ω

Fiberglass-reinforced composite saladier – High-quality treated cellulose pulp diaphragm – Butyl peripheral suspension – “Conex” long-life spider – Magnetic motor Long-life “Conex” spider – 25 mm coil on Kapton support – 85 mm x 17 mm magnetic motor – Thick magnetic circuit (5 mm)

2 x Mid-range Speakers R80

  • Max Power 100 W
  • Nominal Power 25 W*.
  • Frequency response 150 Hz – 23 kHz
  • Sensitivity 86 dB – Impedance 3 Ω
  • Mounting depth 45.5 mm (1.8″)

Glass fiber reinforced composite bowl – High quality cellulose pulp membrane – Peripheral butyl suspension – Long life spider “Conex” – 20 mm coil on fiberglass support – 55 mm x 10 mm ferrite motor

2 x RT20 Tweeters

  • High quality 20 mm soft dome tweeter
  • Maximum power 100 W
  • Rated power 10 W
  • Frequency response 2.5 kHz – 25 kHz
  • Sensitivity 90 dB
  • Impedance 3 Ω

N38 neodymium motor – Special high-quality soft dome – Ferrofluid for high power output


  • 2 x 6 dB/octave woofer low-pass filters: BFR3-W
  • 2 medium high-pass filters 6 dB/octave : BFR3-M
  • 2 high-pass filters tweeter 6 dB/octave : BFR3-T
  • Tweeter level adjustable to 0 dB or attenuated to -3 dB

Supplied Accessories:

  • Mounting screws
  • Accessories for tweeter - including angled bracket
  • User manual


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