Audison Prima DSP 5 Channel Amplifier Front Rear Sub AP5.9 bit

AudisonSKU: AP5.9 bit

Sale price£649.99


The AP5.9 bit amplifier is ideal to realize a classic front/rear plus subwoofer system using the fifth mono channel with 140 W. The built-in processor that this amplifier shares with the AP8.9 bit provides the ability to assign the pre-outs to the AP 4 amplifier, creating a very powerful system in a small space thanks to the rack mounting system.

Power Output
Load. Imp. 5 Channels
4 Ohm 20 W x 2 + 50 W x 2 + 140 W x 1
2 Ohm 35 W x 2 + 85 W x 2 + 280 W x 1

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