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The new Audison DRC MP (Digital Remote Control Multimedia Play) is compatible with all the Audison electronics featuring AC Link bus.

Its slim profile along with the holder supplied with it eases the installation in the best position inside the car.

Thanks to the new Joystick, Rubber Touch finished for best control of the movements along the four direction axes, the DRC Settings menu can be adjusted and navigation is also possible through the Navy Command function if the system features an Audison bit Play HD with video output connected to a monitor.

The matte black finish and the possibility of choosing among forty-two different colours for the keyboard make it easier for the DRC MP to integrate with the car dashboard.

The new display with white characters features a built-in sensor, for brightness automatic adjustment of the characters according to the light conditions inside the car, and remains readable from any viewing angle.

Connection: Audison Electronics: AC Link controls cable provided (4.5 m / 177 in.)


Audison Prima: AP8.9 bit, AP5.9 bit, AP4.9 bit

Audison bit: bit One, bit Ten, bit Ten D, bit Play HD

Audison Thesis: TH uno, TH due, TH quattro


Default Menu:

Master Volume, Subwoofer Volume, Fader, Balance, Source selector (Aux 1, Aux 2,Digital Electric, Digital Optical).

DRC Settings:

Keybord color, Keybord brightness, Display brightness, Discreet screen, Main screen logo (through the DRC MP joystick).

DSP Memory*:

Audison compatible products memories selection.

DSP Settings*:

Dynamic EQ, Bass Boost, AutoIN Level Adj.

Player Menu**:

bit Play HD off delay.

Navy Command**:

navigation of bit Play HD (through the DRC MP joystick).

* Available only with compatible Audison products connected

**Available only with bit Play HD connected


When an Audison bit Play HD is connected, by enabling the Navy Command function of the DRC MP, it is possible to browse through the player main menu with the Joystick, in the same way as with the remote control. The new Joystick has been developed according to the latest biometric techniques with the purpose of ensuring maximum user-friendliness, to keep the driver's attention on the road for as long as possible.


When a bit Play HD is connected, through this menu you can set the time the player remains on stand-by mode, after the turn off signal has been sent to the Remote-In. According to the default setting, the time is fixed at 15 minutes; it is possible to either set it from one to sixty minutes or disable it. Thanks to this function, the bit Play HD restart time can be reset in case of temporary stops of the car.


Master volume ranges from -60 dB (min.) to 0 dB (max.) with 0.5 dB steps. If during the configuration a channel named subwoofer has been set, you can adjust volume independently with a range going from -12 dB (min.) to 0 dB with 0.5 dB steps.


When an Audison bit processor is connected, it is possible to select all the sources available in the system: Optical, Digital Electric, Aux 1, Aux 2.


When an Audison bit processor is connected, you can directly recall all the memories available in the connected product and previously stored via the processor's PC-software


The Auto IN Level Adj function provides the ability to set the main source volume back to the one set during the bit One's initial calibration. Thanks to the Dynamic EQ and Bass Boost functions, these equalizations can be enabled or disabled, in the product version where these functions are featured.


When an Audison AP bit amplifier is connected, the DRC MP can display the following alerts: thermal protection in case of overheat, overload protection when overload occurs, battery over voltage protect. when the battery voltage goes beyond 16 VDC and call service in case of general malfunctioning. If a Thesis line amplifier is connected, the DRC MP will notify the general protection status with the message Service, overloading with Overload, clipping with Clip, overheating with Ov. Temperature and the presence of a faulty connection with Check Speakers.

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