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The DM-RTA Pro Kit includes everything you need for a complete mobile audio measurement solution. Nestled snuggly in the fetching blue hard case, you will find a DM-RTA, AC power supply, all of the required interconnects, and custom test leads for line-level and speaker-level measurements. Included also is the AC-BT24 Bluetooth Streamer/Programmer, which allows you to connect to the DM-RTA using your tablet or phone.

The RTA (real-time analyzer) takes electrical and acoustical measurements. This will let you know how much equalization is needed to smooth out the frequency response of a vehicle.

The sound pressure level (SPL) is used to show how loud the audio system can perform. This is something every customer would love to know and a way to test the before and after performance of a system.

Testing speaker polarity is very important. All the tuning and setup means nothing if all the speakers aren't in phase. 

The oscilloscope measurement will give you a graphical representation of audio or electrical signals so that you can determine if these signals are distorted (clipped) or clean and their amplitude. This is extremely valuable when setting input and output gains on audio products.

Included in Kit:

  • DM-RTA Real Time Analyzer
  • 110V AC power supply/charging adapter
  • USB A to B cable
  • USB A to A cable
  • AC-BT24 Bluetooth® Streamer & Programmer
  • CM-10 measurement microphone
  • XLR microphone cable
  • Speaker input to spring-loaded test leads cable
  • RCA input to spring-loaded test leads cable
  • AudioControl tuning pick (looks a lot like a guitar pick)
  • Blue hard case with laser-cut foam


1 x Balanced (Input Impedance 3.24kΩ)
1 x Unbalanced (Input Impedance 3.24kΩ)
1 x Microphone (Input Impedance 10kΩ)
1 x Speaker Level (Input Impedance 16.24kΩ)
Max Low-Level Input Voltage: 8 Vrms
Max High-Level Input Voltage: 40 Vrms

1 x Balanced (Output Impedance: 51Ω)
1 x Unbalanced (Output Impedance: 51Ω)
1 x Coax Digital (Output Impedance: 75Ω)
1 x Toslink
1 x USB
Max Output Voltage from Signal Generator: 5 Vrms / 7 V Peak

Power Supply:
Battery Life: ~5 Hours
weights & dimensions
Dimensions: 8”W x 4.8”D x 2.4”H
Weight: 2.6lbs (1.2kg)

What's in the box: DM-RTA, USB Cable, Power Supply, Manual, Warranty

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