ALPINE Kit HALO G7R Upgrade Your Volkswagen Golf 7 with an Alpine Halo Head Unit


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The installation kit KIT-HALO-G7R lets you perfectly integrate a 1DIN Alpine Halo system with 9-inch (INE-F904D, INE-F904DC, iLX-F905D) or 11-inch screen (iLX-F115D) into a Golf 7 (model year 08/2013 – 02/2017).

The KIT-HALO-G7R includes a CAN to UART interface featuring support of the steering wheel remote control buttons (latest data protocol including SIRI and OK Google support). It also supports the small display in the instrument cluster (MFD), as well as the visual parking display (PDC) and air condition / heating display (HVAC). You get easy analog signal output from the CAN bus for ignition, parking brake, speed pulse and reversing signal.

You can even retain the vehicle settings function and adjust all car settings from your Alpine head unit. The cable harness uses Power-Quadlock connectors for simple plug-and-play installation and is fully compatible with the original vehicle hands-free microphone and rear-view camera. The kit also includes a USB / AUX socket, as well as an antenna adapter with phantom feed.

Parking Sensors Display

If your Golf 7 is equipped with original parking sensors, you can continue to use this convenient feature when upgrading to an Alpine Halo system. The parking sensor system is connected to your Alpine screen, showing a convenient distance display.

Vehicle Information Display

The KIT-HALO-G7R connects the Alpine Halo system to the Golf 7’s electronic system. Vehicle settings and information such as lighting settings, tire pressure, driver assistance settings and many more can be displayed and adjusted right on the Alpine screen.

Steering Wheel Remote Control

Unlike other manufacturers, the Alpine system is fully compatible with the Volkswagen Golf 7’s steering wheel control buttons, including telephone accept & decline buttons including SIRI and OK Google support.

Air Condition / Heating Display

The Alpine Halo unit gives you visual feedback for the selected temperature of driver and co-driver, AC status, seat heating level, selected air vents and more. This screen will automatically appear for a few seconds when any of the named settings is changed to give the driver feedback.

Multi-Function Display (MFD) Support

The KIT-HALO-G7R supports the Multi-Function Display (MFD) in the instrument cluster. When connected to an Alpine Head Unit, the MFD will display radio station names, song titles and artist information, caller names, navigation turn-by-turn arrows and other useful information.

Compatible with many Alpine Head Units

The KIT-HALO-G7R is compatible with all Alpine Halo Head Units (iLX-F115D, iLX-F905D) and Halo navigation systems (INE-F904D, INE-F904DC) that are “Vehicle Data-Bus Interface Ready”.

Wireless Charging Console

A very useful accessory for your Golf 7 is the Wireless Charging Console KCE-G7QI. This little rubber pad fits perfectly into the Golf 7’s centre console and provides Qi compatible inductive charging for your wireless charging enabled mobile phone. The KCE-G7QI works with any Golf 7 regardless of original radio or aftermarket system.

Connect your USB and AUX port in the center console

The KIT-HALO-G7R includes a fitting USB / AUX socket, that replaces the original one installed in your Golf7. This allows you to continue using USB and AUX sources as with your original system.

Compatible with Original VW Reversing Camera

You can continue to use your original Volkswagen reversing camera with the KIT-HALO-G7R.

Compatible with Original VW Microphone

The KIT-HALO-G7R is compatible with your original Volkswagen hands-free microphone. This makes the installation faster and cleaner, since no additional microphone has to be installed.


  • Installation kit for Volkswagen Golf 7
  • CAN to UART interface with SWRC (SIRI Ready) and instrument multi-function display (MFD) support
  • Visual Parking Display (PDC) and air-conditioning / heating display support
  • CAN to analog conversion for ignition (ACC signal), parking brake, speed pulse and reversing signal
  • Retention of original vehicle settings (interface settings adjustable in Alpine head unit)
  • Alpine vehicle-specific connection harness with Power-Quadlock connector
  • Retention of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and OPS (Optical Parking Sensor) display (if original available)
  • SIRI and OK Google support
  • Supports original vehicle microphone and rear camera
  • Including antenna adapter with phantom feed
  • Includes a 2x USB / AUX socket to replace the original Volkswagen Golf 7 USB / AUX socket

Compatible Cars

Maker* Model
Model Year
Volkswagen Golf VII1 08/2013-02/2017

* Please Note:

  • This product is for Golf 7 right hand drive, for Golf 7 left hand drive please order KIT-HALO-G7
  • FOR VEHICLES WITH ORIGINAL eCALL: The interface is not compatible with the emergency call function. An additional CAN bus interface to maintain the eCall function when replacing the OEM radio is needed. Please ask your dealer.
  • Please note that vehicle menus may be lost (e.g. traffic sign recognition etc.). A few other functions or settings are retained but may be controlled in a different way.
  • Not compatible with original OEM sound systems.
  1. Excluding Golf Sportsvan, e-Golf, GTE and cars with Active Info Display (AID). Not for VW Golf VII Facelift.

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