Alpine 4.1 Channel Digital Sound Processor DSP Amplifier with Powered Subwoofer PWD-X5

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Achieving a perfectly integrated, high-performance car audio installation with only one device is now possible with the new Alpine PWD-X5.

This unique sound system upgrade product includes a high-performance Digital Sound Processor (DSP), 4-channel amplifier for your front and rear door speakers, as well as an ultra-flat active subwoofer. The small footprint allows the PWD-X5 to be easily installed inside the car's cabin to enjoy a nice bass upgrade. Connect either OEM radios via high-power speaker level inputs or aftermarket radio via RCA inputs, and control the system through the wired remote control and the convenient smartphone app.

This product is perfect for customers that look for a big improvement of their cars sound quality, without installing many different devices and routing cables all across their car. The PWD-X5 comes with a full wiring kit including high-quality power cables (4.5 meters) with the main fuse.

All-in-one sound upgrade
The PWD-X5 features a Digital Sound Processor (DSP), compact powered subwoofer and a 4-channel amplifier - all in one box. This is perfect for smaller vehicles and customers who do not want to install many different devices in their car. The built-in amplifier delivers 4 x 50 Watts for the speaker channels and 240 Watts for the built-in subwoofer (peak power). Installation brackets and a wiring kit are included in the set.


Extensive sound tuning functions
Use the built-in 10-band Parametric EQ, digital time correction and digital crossover to tune the sound of your vehicle. You can do the main setup by connecting a PC using the free Alpine software or via the included wired controller. There is also a smartphone app that allows users to switch between pre-sets on the go and adjust subwoofer and volume levels.

Wide connectivity options
You can connect the PWD-X5 to an Aftermarket radio using RCA inputs. If you have an original radio in your car that has nor RCA connections, you can connect it to the DSP amplifier using the high-power inputs. There are also 2 USB ports used for the included external Bluetooth dongle and to connect the wired remote control and PC for setup.

Wired Remote Control
The remote control unit is connected with the DSP amplifier by USB. Use the rotary encoder to select pre-sets, input sources, sound settings and more.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming
If your original car stereo does not feature Bluetooth audio streaming, the PWD-X5 is yet again a great solution for you. With the included Bluetooth dongle that can be plugged into one of the USB ports on the DSP amp, you can stream music from your smartphone to the PWD-X5. Simply pair your phone and select Bluetooth as a source in the wired remote controller to enjoy all your music, Spotify and internet radio on your sound system.

Get the Smartphone App
You can download the Alpine companion app for the PWD-X5 from Google Play and the Apple App Store free of charge. This app allows you to set the master volume and subwoofer level, select sound pre-sets, switch audio input sources, adjust the 10-band Parametric EQ, Crossover, Fader/Balance and much more.

Technical Specifications

Power output:
Rated power: 25W*4+165W;
peak power: 50W*4+240W
Signal-to-noise ratio: 80dB
Bass boost: -12dB~+12dB
Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
Phase selection: 0/180
Remote ON: DC high-level /REM input activation
Operating temperature: -10~60C
Storage temperature: -40~85C
Power source: DC 14.4V (9V~16V) negative ground
Activate REM input: Options of high-level activation (H1+/H3+) and ACC activation for selection
Activate REM output: +12V activation voltage output (0.5A)
Stand-by current: 750mA
Net weight: 5.35kg
Measurements: 350mm (L) *245mm (W) *80mm (H)

Functional Parameters

Type of input signals: 4-channel high-level, 4-channel stereophonic low-level, Bluetooth
Output position: 4-channel amplifier output (4Ω 25W*4)
Output signal gain:
Master volume: 0~35;
Subwoofer volume: 0~15
Filter slope:
CH1~CH4 6 dB/Oct or 12dB/Oct
CH5 6/12/18/24dB/Oct
Q value: 0.404~28.85
Delay: 0.000~5.4ms/0.000~187cm
PreSets: 15 presets selectable.

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