Alpine (16 Pin) car stereo ISO Wiring harness connector/ radio loom

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Alpine (16 Pin) car stereo ISO Wiring harness connector/ radio loom

This cable is a replacement cable for the original power and speaker cable provided with the aftermarket radio.

Plugs into metal case of the aftermarket unit and provides ISO male pins for connecting to aftermarket ISO leads (our 20- range)

  • ISO head unit harness for Alpine car radio
  • For Alpine CDA-; CDE-; CDM-; CVA-; IDA-; INA-; TDA-; TDE-; TDM-series head units
  • Alpine oblong plug has a 16 pin configuration
  • 22mm x 10mm approx.
  • Replacement car radio power harness

Fits various Alpine radio models:

  • CDE-7854R
  • CDE-7854RM
  • CDE-7855RB
  • CDE-7857RB
  • CDE-228
  • CDE-7820
  • CDE-7853R
  • CDE-7860R
  • CDE-9801R
  • CDE-9802RB
  • CDM-7838R
  • CDM-7856RB
  • CDM-7858RB
  • CDM-7859RB
  • CDA-9815RB
  • CDA-9813R
  • CDA-9812R
  • CDA-9812RR
  • CDA-9812RB
  • CDA-9811R
  • CDA-7990R
  • CDA-7944R
  • CDA-78
  • CDA-7894RB
  • CDA-7893R
  • CDA-7878R
  • CDA-7876RB
  • CDA-7875RB
  • CDA-7873R
  • CDA-7865R
  • CDA-7852R
  • CDA-7850R
  • CDA-7842R

PLEASE NOTE: Check your Alpine stereo has a black socket and check the exact size of connector matches the picture.

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