Alfatronix PVPro-DFf 12/24VDC Front Fitting USB Charger

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High quality and professional on board USB chargers with 12V/24V auto detect and various easy-to-install mounting configurations.

Everyone wants access to charging points for their tablets and smartphones and this has created a need for professional and safe installed USB chargers in buses, coaches, trains and commercial vehicles that can be used by drivers and passengers. There are lots of cheap USB chargers in the market – the PV Pro range from UK manufacturer Alfatronix are tested to 10000 mating cycles and are specifically designed for the rigorous standards required for on board commercial and professional applications including BS EN50498, ISO7637-2, CE and E mark certifications.

All versions in the range can be connected directly to both 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems without adjustment. The advanced electronic design will detect the charge status of the connected device and alter the charging process accordingly. This ensures that whatever device is connected be it Apple, Andorid, Ipad, phone or tablet, it will always be charger as fully as time and capacity will allow. Low quiesecent current of less than 2mA ensures that multiple chargers can be installed throughout buses and coaches without signifcantly discharging the battery.

Different configurations and mounting variants are available depending on application. The PV Pro-DFf is a front-fitting double output unit. IP65 rugged versions are available, please call for details and pricing. The Powerverter Pro USB chargers offer an advanced design that counteracts the voltage drop common when output currents vary as different devices charge at different rates.

This avoids the common problem of the phone or tablet indicating it is charging when in fact very little current is being supplied. The PV Pro also has automatic short circuit protection so in the event of tampering or compromise the unit will automatically shut down and then re-start when the fault has been cleared.

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