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The HCG019QI / B is an alarm clock, bedside lamp and wireless phone charger in one. This handy unit combines all those devices you need at your bedside into a single sleek product, avoiding unnecessary clutter whilst keeping all the function. The alarm clock supports wireless charging via Qi technology, so make sure your phone supports this too. If not, just use a charger via the integrated USB port. You can charge your phone by QI wireless and any other piece of tech via this USB point such as fitness tracker or Bluetooth headphones.

The design of the HCG019QI / B is striking, but also very smart. The 'arc shape' allows room for a light on the inside and you can place your phone on top to charge. You can adjust the light in different colours. For example, choose standard warm white light, purple for some atmosphere or go crazy with green light. This unit is BLACK in colour but also available in white.

The HCG019QI / B has a snooze function, so you can turn over and delay getting out of bed in the morning. You will be woken up with a buzzer sound. The time display works with an automatic dimming function and can also be adjusted manually to make viewing easier. For example, the light becomes slightly less bright at 6 in the evening, it is at its lowest at midnight and it goes back to bright at 7 in the morning.


  • Depth (cm): 10
  • Height (cm): 7.5
  • Width (cm): 14

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