Abarth/ Fiat 500 (2008-2016) BLAM EXPRESS 165EC Front Door Coaxial speaker upgrade fitting kit


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Provide a sound upgrade to your Abarth/ Fiat 500 (2008-2016) front doors with our 165mm (6.5 inch) BLAM EXPRESS 165EC coaxial speaker upgrade fitting kit.

Each fitting kit contains a set of BLAM EXPRESS 165EC 165mm (6.5inch) Hi-efficiency 2ohm Coaxial speakers.

This speaker upgrade fitting kit is for Abarth/ Fiat 500 (2008-2016) front doors with a standard audio system.

PLEASE NOTE: For a speaker upgrade to the front doors and tweeters please use SFK-FIA1-ES165 or SFK-FIA1-RS165

This complete speaker fitting kit includes:

BLAM 165EC 165mm (6.5") EXPRESS 2 ohm coaxial speakers (BL-165EC)

This kit is composed of two 165 mm (6.5’’) woofers with two coaxial 20 mm (3/4”) soft dome tweeters and two integrated 6 dB/octave high pass crossovers.

High sensitivity coaxial speaker system
165 mm woofer
Max power 120 W – Nominal power 60 W
Frequency response 65 Hz – 25 kHz
Sensitivity 93.5 dB – Impedance 2 ?

2 Woofers:
Specific basket in stamped steel
Treated and tropicalized cellulose pulp cone
Butyl rubber surround
Long life “Conex” damper
25 mm (1’’) voice coil with kapton former
80 mm x 15 mm (3.1’’ x 0.6’’) motor assembly (Y30)
Thick magnetic circuit (5 mm)

20 mm (3/4’’) high quality soft dome coaxial tweeter
N38 neodymium motor

6 dB/octave high-pass integrated crossover

Supplied accessories:
Mounting screws
User’s manual

165mm Fiat speaker adapter panels (40-0723-165)

A pair of front or rear door car speaker adapter panels for 165mm speakers. These panels allow you replace the cars original speakers with new improved quality aftermarket speakers.

Speaker adapter cables (41-005) 

A pair of speaker adapter cables for various Fiat vehicle models. Use to fit new aftermarket speakers without needing to cut off the original speaker connectors.

Fits the following car models:

500 (2008 - 2016)

500 1st Gen (2008 - 2016)

May not fit all versions of every vehicle. Some amplified and named sound systems such as BOSE, or Bowers and Wilkens or Harman Karon have different speakers with different connections. Please check your original speaker connections match the pictures before purchasing.

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