4 Foot Dynamic RGB Whip Light SPXDW4

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Dynamic whip lights feature 360° of bright, vibrant LEDs with customizable color patterns. Built tough and made rugged the IP67-rated silicone coating provides super heavy-duty, waterproof, shockproof protection for your off-road vehicle from water, mud, sand, dirt, wind, etc.  


Designed for the Elements Reliable in the most extreme environments including water, dirt, dust, and debris.

Super Bright Dynamic LEDs Colorfully illuminate your vehicle with bright powerful RGB lighting. 

Quick-Release Features a quick-release system taking only seconds to detach your whip when done. 



  • Dynamic personalizable options are endless with variable colors, lighting and color patterns, and brightness level.
  • Control your light show with the proprietary Stinger Lighting App (Bluetooth controller SPXDBTC sold separately)
  • HEIGH10® compatible so you can adjust your lighting directly from your infotainment system
  • Rugged watertight connections



  • CASE HEIGHT (INCH): 9.25
  • CASE LENGTH (INCH): 49.5
  • CASE WIDTH (INCH): 12.5
  • NET WEIGHT (KG): 0.76
  • GROSS WEIGHT (LB): 42.2
  • GROSS WEIGHT (KG): 0.95

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