2 Piece Silicone Adjustable Speaker Baffle Ring Kit for 6.5" Speakers


Sale price£24.99


Designed to fit any 165mm speaker, this adjustable speaker baffle creates a seal around the speaker that protects the speaker itself. It also eliminates the interference caused when sound from the rear of the speaker, meets sound from the front. Without this interference, you get a much better sound quality.
  • New design silicone with egg wave foam
  • Foldable speaker baffle
  • No more trimming or cutting
  • Better sealing for better sound
  • Designed to improve the directional flow of sound waves and focus them into the cabin
  • Perfectly seals the speaker against the interior panel
  • Protects the speakers basket with a silicone cover
  • The foldable ring fits different depths
  • Patent pending
  • 6.5 Inch
  • Sold as a Pair (includes 2 x Self Adhesive Wave Foam Pad)

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