cal has developed a dedicated line of cables to simplify the installation of audio solutions. With an OEM philosophy, their cables are built in the same materials and connectors that were developed for the OEM partners.

The cables are divided into 3 categories:

ISO Harnesses, Extension Cables for impulse 4.320 or Fit 9.660 and Speakers output cables for Fit 9.660. 

ISO Harness - Made for each brand, to connect to the head unit and take the audio signal.

Extension cables - To connect the ISO Harness to amplifiers, take the signal, boast it, and send it to the speakers in the doors by the original car cables.

Speakers cables - To connect the DSP / Amp Fit 9.660 to active speakers. Sends the signal managed by the DSP to each dedicated speaker.

ISO Harness:

Made for: Ford, BMW/Mini, Toyota, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot/Citroen, Volkswagen Can be used for the following products: Impulse 4.320, Fit 9.660, Ibus 2.0/2.1 

Extension Cables 

2 x Lengths Available

IW-FIT-EXT-550 - 5.5M rear installation

IW-FIT-EXT-150 - 1.5M front installation or rear with head unit in the boot. 

Speaker Cables 

To connect the amp Fit 9.660 to active speakers 

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