If you are a keen biker and have been waiting for the weather to change, you will need to think about how to improve your experience. You will need to think about the performance upgrades that will make your life easier, and your rides safer. No matter what you are looking for, there will be an aftermarket upgrade that will help you increase the value of your bike and make riding more enjoyable.


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When it comes to long motorbike rides, we all suffer, unless you have a comfortable touring bike. You can always improve your comfort level for long rides if you get your motorbike suspension upgraded. There are several kits that you can install yourself for every road. No matter if you would like to go off-roading, make money off your bike by offering deliveries for companies, or want to tour around the country, you can find the right suspension kit for the challenge.

Satellite Navigation

Hitting the open road and the country is one of the best things about owning a motorbike. As you need both of your hands on the handlebars, you will have no chance of adjusting your route when you get lost without stopping. You can now get some of the most popular satellite navigation gadgets for bikes with a mounting kit, such as Garmin and TomTom. This will allow you to see where you are going and stay safe while riding.

You can also attach a hands-free set to your satellite navigation or a Bluetooth helmet kit, so you can simply search for destinations using your voice whenever you are looking to find the best route to your destination.

Wheel Upgrades

Your wheels keep you safe. The thin rubber is the only thing between you and the road surface, so it is crucial that you pay attention to the condition of your wheels and tires. The price of motorbike tires varies, depending on what you are using it for, and you can even upgrade your wheels to get a better traction on any road surface. Talk to a professional to find out about the different types of performance tires available for your motorbike.

Add Chrome

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Of course, you will need to make sure that you are happy with the look of your bike, as well as the performance. You might want to add chrome to make it look more unique or customize the appearance. From chrome exhaust pipes that are creating a Harley feel about your bike to a shiny gas tank, there are plenty of upgrades you can choose from. Chrome elements will make your bike look more expensive than it is.  

If you are on a budget, you can also add chrome spray, which will transform some of your bike features. While it will not last as long as the real chrome does, it will be significantly cheaper.

Performance Brakes

When you are on the open road, you will need to ensure that you can stop safely whatever the surface is. You should always check your brakes before you go out, especially if you are going to hit the traffic and might need to stop behind cars braking suddenly. You can upgrade your bike to have performance brakes that will give you a quicker response time, so you can be sure to avoid accidents and feel safe, no matter what the road ahead looks like.


Unfortunately, car owners don’t always treat bike riders with respect. You have to stay visible as much as you can, but mistakes are always made, and you will not want to take the blame. Having a camera on your bike will not only allow you to record the scenery and look back your route, but you can also make the most out of the footage, in case you have to prove that you didn’t break the speed limit, and were not riding dangerously.

A dash cam on the car will help you prove your case after an accident, and you should have it on your bike, too. Make sure that you have a protective case, which is waterproof, and enough storage for the journey. Use a cloud backup service to store your footage, if you think that you will need it later.

Heated Handle Bars

Riding the bike in the summer is easy and comfortable, but what about those dark cold nights and winter days? You can get the layers, but your hands will still be cold. The right solution is to get heated handlebars installed on your bike, so you can stay warm, no matter how harsh the icy wind is. In case you would like to feel even more comfortable, you can also get heated seats for those winter days when no thermal layers can keep you warm any more.

Comfort Seat

Apart from having heated seats, you can upgrade the comfort of your bike by making your riding position more comfortable. If you have a sports bike that is designed for racing and fast manoeuvres, chances are that the seats are not suitable for long journeys. Thankfully, most bike brands now realise the need for upgrades, and you can buy spare motorbike parts for any model, including better suspension, more comfortable seats, etc.  

Performance Ignition

Bikes - just like cars - take a while to warm up and perform their best after starting the engine. You can get a performance ignition for your bike that will take you through the winter and help you get the best results. You can find high-performance ignition coils that will help you start off faster and make the most out of your engine power as soon as possible. Don’t forget to upgrade your spark plug and make sure that you are not crossing wires, or this will cause damage to your ignition system.

Having a bike and hitting the country roads can be an amazing pastime. If you are planning a long haul trip or would like to upgrade your comfort and safety, there are plenty of aftermarket performance parts you can install.

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