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While you might not be able to get a motor with rocket launchers carefully hidden within the alloys, flamethrowers protruding from the bulletproof roof or even one that can turn invisible at the click of a key fob, Mr James Bond definitely could. A stalwart of the British spy genre, James Bond has been raking in the millions for decades. The cars that have been utilized and modified for these films have been a staple of each movie with cinema-goers and car buffs alike looking forward to finding out what new features have been added to the car of choice this time around. From Dr No to Spectre, James Bond has enjoyed his fair share of automobiles. Take a look at three of the best.

Aston Martin DB5

Perhaps the model that is most synonymous with the promiscuous spy is the Aston Martin DB5. With its achingly good looks, curvaceous chassis and 4.0l engine, this set of wheels has seen some action. Most famously this is the vehicle that saved Mr Bond’s life in Goldfinger, Thunderball and Goldeneye. With 282bhp, a top speed of 145mph and an aluminium engine, this car was the height of speed and luxury in the 1960s. Reclining and leather seats were fitted as standard, and for James Bond, he had the added benefit of having an ejector seat, should the need for a quick escape ever arise. It did.

Jaguar XKR

So, strictly speaking, this wasn’t a Bond car but a villain’s car, used by Zao in Die Another Day. However, it was the only Jaguar to feature prominently in any Bond film and had some of the craziest gadgets. Zao was able to enjoy forward facing missiles, mortar bombs, thermal imaging devices, a Gatling gun and explosive rockets. While you might not be able to source a model with such an array of weaponry, you could pop down to a showroom like Jaguar New Cars and book in a test drive with the similar and newer F-type. The XKR also had a supercharged engine version making the handling all the more superior.

Lotus Esprit

Perhaps one of the wackiest cars to appear in For Your Eyes Only, the Lotus Esprit was capable of morphing from a car to a submarine. This enabled James Bond to escape from his enemies in a more amphibious fashion. Armed with torpedoes and a periscope, this vehicle had it all. The handling of the Lotus Esprit was so phenomenal that Cubby Broccoli took extra takes simply to watch the car drive. With a stunning angular body, a peppy four-cylinder engine and a top speed of 138mph, the Lotus was seen as an edgier car for Bond, rather than the sleek and sophisticated Aston Martins, and marked a shift in the persona of James Bond himself.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to James Bond vehicles. Who could forget the Ford Thunderbird, the Rolls Royce Phantom or the Chevrolet Impala? There can be no better movie franchise for a petrolhead than the James Bond classics.

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