david 14/03/2015

bought and came next day. fitment very easy with help from the videos
once connected up phone works brilliant

Richard Marks 09/03/2015

Installed this into my 2011 Meriva (B).
This is a good piece of kit. Friendly customer service. The installation took about 45 minuets. The Trim removal tools were a god send.
The only problem I had was getting my phone to sync with the unit's phone book feature.
This was overcome by moving contacts to sim card. Then unpairing the phone from the unit ( From phone menu ) Then turning the car off and removing the keys so that the stereo was off. Then turning the car back on and re-pairing the phone to the unit. All my sim card contacts now show up.
I have not used the music player streaming as I have an I pod connected and has all my music on there.
I would say this is the best option I have found for my meriva.
Only slight downside is I had to put the microphone on the A Frame as there wasn't anywhere else I could find to place it out of sight.

A Stevenson 21/12/2014

Ordered this on friday at 4pm and it arrived at 12pm on saturday , very fast delivery
as described fitting this is very straightforward.
I did have a problem with the bluetooth not pairing and their was no sound.
I checked the connections and found the ecu that the mic plugs into , I hadn't pushed the connector in far enough and it came out.when back together it worked fine but no sound from the parking sensor. I put in the code for the oem setting on the parking sensor andthat was sorted.
very happy and impressed with this and would have no problem buying again. (And all for the price of 3 fixed penalties).

Frederik Gesswein 02/10/2014

Almost Perfect. Buy this! :)

I drive an Opel (Vauxhall in Germany) Astra with a CD 300 and as my pre-reviewers was unaware of the "unusual" phone Installation.

Found this by chance, installed and tested it yesterday in about 2 hours, and i am very pleased.

To show that this is not a fake Review ;) i will use most space for some slight critisism: between pressing a button and getting a Response on your phone, it can take 1-2 seconds - enough to wonder if you pressed and press again and skip the song you wanted to hear ;).
Another thing is: While Bluetooth is running, the flashing indicator sounds are "offline" - before that i still thought it would be a Relais clicking.
And at last, the glue strip for the microphone is too weak, have to replace that with stronger tape. But i certainly can live with that and it would be about 0,2 stars less - still makes full five.

Daz ( Leicester ) 13/09/2014

Recently purchased a 62 plate Astra SRi, didn't realise it wasn't fitted with built-in phone kit. Looked for a solution on the internet and found this one. Ordered and arrived within a few days via Royal Mail Special Delivery. I've never fitted a car handsfree phone kit before but being a service engineer I thought I'd give it a go. Watched the videos on this site a few times and it took me just over 3 hours to complete which included installing the microphone into the cluster. The only issue I had was pushing the connector into the back of the head unit, used the online chat and Ray answered within minutes ( on a Saturday ) advising to push it firmly and also push the locking mechanism firmly, et voila! job done. Put all the panels back in and set up my iphone 5 and girlfriend's iphone 4s in minutes, works a treat too. Fantastic service from Ray Smith and the product is very well made. Highly recommended !