How CarAudioStuff website works

We made these short videos to help you navigate and find your way round CarAudioStuff website.


FIND IT - Five ways to find the stuff you need...


1. Top navigation

If you know what you are looking for, head straight to the top bar navigation menu. Here you will find the headings and categories to guide you to the products. You will notice that this menu scrolls with the page and is visible site wide.

2. Search by category

You can see a global category overview by hovering over the sidebar Category tab

3. Search by brand

If you are interested in a particular brand you will find all their products by hovering over the brand tab in the "search shop by" sidebar. You can view the products on the page by grid or in listview.

4. Top smart search

If you have an idea of the name or part number you can try to search the entire store using the smart search in the header. (this can save a lot of time)

5. Search by car - make, model and year

Finally if you need something for your specific vehicle why not try putting the Make, Model and Year into our Vehicle Filter. You can further filter by product type to find exactly what you need but please remember to Clear the Vehicle filter when you are finished.

If you are not searching for anything in particular but just browsing or looking for inspiration, please feel free to have a look at our information pages in the footer, or see our News blog pages for the latest on all things In Car.


BUY IT - Five tips to navigate the shopping cart...


1. Tabs

When you are in the product view there are some information tabs below the images. Description, Vehicles (sometimes) Compare Prices and Reviews. If you have seen the same product cheaper elsewhere, tell us on the "Compare Prices" tab form and we will try to make you happy :-)

2. Available options

Once you have decided to purchase sometimes there will be available options for you to choose (some optional and some mandatory with red star) If you miss these the system will flash them up in red before you can continue.

3. Payment methods

Apart from accepting all the usual credit cards through our secure PayPal portal we now offer split payment terms (over £280). If you click the divido button a quick calculator will pop up. Our site is secure but we do not keep any of your financial information at all, PayPal take care of that so you are safe as houses.

4. View Cart

Once you have added something to the cart you may use discount coupon or Gift voucher codes and if you live outside the UK you can find the shipping costs to your country.

5. Checkout

Final step is checkout where you may create an account for future use or checkout as a guest and if you have forgotten to use any voucher codes you can input them here. Pop in your address details and tick the privacy and terms boxes, confirm order and we will spring to your order that very minute and get your goods on the way to you overnight if ordered before 3pm or drop shipped in no more than three days (usually).


HELP - Five ways to get the best service...


1. Live chat

Live chat is a great way to get instant help (when we are open) use this to ask questions about product suitability etc. If we don't know the answer immediately we will email you as soon as we have the answer for you.

2. Telephone

Our local rate number 0333 1234 994 is available during opening hours 08 30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday and 08.30 to 16.00 Saturdays (Closed Sunday)

3. Facebook message

If you contact us on our website facebook tab (bottom right) with a question you may even get an answer out of hours (no promises though) :-)

4. Contact form

The contact form on the site will guarantee an answer within 48 hours (usually much quicker) This is the prefered method rather than raise a ticket in the help centre which is mainly technical assistance.

5. Helpcentre, knowledgebase

Go to and either open a new ticket or click the Knowledgebase tab to find information and data sheets and owners manuals on some of the products we support


We have tried to make it as simple as possible to find stuff on our website, we would welcome your feedback or any suggestions on how you think we could improve anything.

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