Helix E 10W 10" flat subwoofer

E 10W

Very shallow 10” / 250 mm subwoofer with aluminum diecast basket, honeycomb membrane and 2 x 2 Ohms dual voice coil

The new esprit subwoofers really come into play when space is scarce but the desire for rich bass sound is at the top of the list. Although the black fiberglass coating on the outside is the only thing that makes them look different to their predecessors, what’s on the inside is completely new. Dual voice coils with an impedance of 2 x 2 Ohms predestine them for use in compact, sealed enclosures with the best in impulse response. Their extremely flat structural shape allows for forms never dreamed of before for the enclosure design.

  • 2 x 2 Ohms dual voice coil for more flexible speaker configurations
  • Extremely stiff honeycomb membrane with fiberglass coating
  • Massive and rigid aluminum diecast basket
  • Very low mounting depth for shallow subwoofer constructions
  • Massive gold-plated terminals
  • Wide rubber surround for maximum cone excursions
  • T/S parameters optimized for use in compact sealed enclosures
Power handling RMS / Max 300 / 450 Watts
Impedance 2 x 2 Ohms
Voice coil diameter 50.8 mm
Voice coil winding height 16 mm
Max. linear excursion +/- 4 mm
Cone area 330 cm²
Moving mass 93 g
DC resistance 2 x 1.6 Ohms
Resonance frequency 50 Hz
Mechanical Q factor 6.68
Electrical Q factor 0.67
Total Q factor 0.61
Equivalent air volume 16.5 L
Voice coil inductance 1.66 mH
Force factor 12.0 Tm
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m 87 dB
Outer diameter 272 mm / 10.71“
Cutout diameter 234 mm / 9.21“
Mounting depth 80 mm / 3.15“
Recommended enclosure  
Sealed box  
Sealed net volume 15 L
Ported box  
Vented net volume 25 L
Port diameter 7 cm
Port area: 38 cm²
Port length 23 cm
Port tuning frequency 40 Hz
Speakers & Subs
  • Subwoofers
  • 10" (25cm)

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Helix E 10W 10" flat subwoofer

  • Brands Helix
  • Product Code: E10W
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  • £149.99

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