Coilover kits are frequently purchased by those in the world of racing. They allow you to modify your vehicle’s suspension. There are lots of different types of coilovers available however they all have the same function of allowing you to adjust your race car’s height. There is a wealth of different coilover kits available in stores around the UK and on the internet for you to choose between. The BC racing coilovers are a particularly popular option. This article will provide a detailed review on these coilovers in order to give you a greater insight into the product you are considering purchasing. Read on to discover more…

Purchase options

If you are looking to purchase BC racing coilovers then you will notice that most places online sell this product complete with 10k springs. Nevertheless, most of these places will allow you the opportunity to upgrade your spring size at no charge. Thus, if you want 12k springs all you need to do is select this option before you proceed to checkout to pay for your goods.

Ease of installation

There is nothing worse than buying a part to upgrade your car only for you to take hours and hours trying to install the piece properly. You then worry that you may not have added the part correctly and more often than not you have to ask a professional to do the job for you. This is the last thing you want. You want your coilover fitted quickly so you can reap the benefits next time you go racing. Luckily, you won’t have any problems with BC racing coilovers as you couldn’t ask for an easier installation process. One thing a lot of people notice with other types of coilovers is that when they are trying to adjust the ride height the wrench frequently slips when engaging with the collars. This is something that BC racing have managed to avoid with their coilover kits – very impressive.

BC racing coilovers in action

The most important point of them all is whether the coilovers do the job once the car goes racing. The answer to this is that they most definitely do. You will notice an improvement in the vehicle’s transition and you can really feel a change in the suspension. Body roll will be minimal and this will allow you to transition a lot better and a lot smoother too. You will feel a lot more confident in the car when you are racing because the improvements are immediately evident.

What about daily driving?

Not everybody has the luxury or the want to have one car for racing and one for daily driving, so what about when you are using your vehicle for everyday use? There are definitely improvements when it comes to this type of driving too with a car purchased from the likes of Stephen James Premium. Of course, these racing coilovers are manufactured for racing purposes but there are a lot of people who purchase coilover kits merely to improve the everyday utilisation of their vehicle. This is because it makes the car a lot smoother; something that is particularly noticeable when going over any bumps.

The conclusion

If you are looking for the perfect coilovers for your race car then you certainly can’t go wrong with BC racing coilovers. These are ideal for those who wish to add the part and then forget about it. You will feel a lot more comfortable and at ease when racing because you will not need to worry about your suspension at all. And not only are these kits extremely effective but they are easy to install too. What more could you want?

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