If you want your car to pass its MOT and all the safety checks, you need to know what to look for in terms of maintenance and servicing. Your car has to be serviced regularly – even if you don’t think it’s needed – just to ensure you spend less money over time on new parts. A car is a huge machine made of many working parts, and it’s those parts working together in the right way that keep you safe on the road. If they’re not working properly, that’s when an issue becomes very obvious very quickly. There are a good few warning signs that you need to look for, though, because while you can leave it a while if the radio isn’t working, there are some areas of your car you just can’t ignore. So, what four obvious areas can tell you if your car needs servicing?

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Your Tires. You can tell pretty quickly if you bust a tire, but you can’t always tell if the problem is the road or the alloy wheels. Speed bumps become an issue pretty quickly when there is trouble with your tires, and if they are riding low and you can hear them against the wheel arch of the car, you need them looked at. The tires are important to the car – they keep you on the road, after all, so you should be checking the pressure and the tread regularly anyway. Ears and eyes open here, because once there’s a problem with the tires, you could find yourself in difficulty.

Your Brakes. Worn brake pads or discs, a steering issue and even a difficulty with the suspension are all very common issues that happen to cars over time. It is absolutely not safe to drive if you suspect a braking issue; anything could happen and it’s not worth the risk to your safety. If you’re feeling heavy vibrations when you brake, there could be a problem so get a service booked in.

Your Engine. One of the first signs of engine trouble is the change in the sound. When you’ve been driving the same car for awhile, you get to know what’s normal and what isn’t. An uneven noise coming from the engine can tell you that the engine is misfiring and needs your help as soon as possible. Spark plugs could be the fix, but that’s not for anyone but the experts to pinpoint.

Your Gears. Have you heard a crunch lately when you are driving? Yeah, that’s not okay. A crunching gearbox is not what you want to hear. There’s a lot of wear and tear that happens with the gears as the fluid builds up, and if you start to hear that grinding noise, your car needs a service.

Getting the car to a garage shouldn’t take too much time but ensure that you have the funds set aside. You can’t predict when things will go wrong with the car but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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