If you’re driving recklessly or speeding, you can expect to get pulled over by the police and given a ticket. But the police can’t get it right every time and sometimes, you’ll get pulled over even if you haven’t been doing anything wrong. It’s not the end of the world because there won’t be any consequences but it’s still a bit of a pain. You’ll have to sit there by the side of the road waiting until they decide that you haven’t done anything wrong and you can leave. If it starts happening all of the time, it can be a bit of an annoyance. There will always be a reason that the police stop you so even though you aren’t breaking the law, you’re making simple mistakes that draw attention to you. These are some of the reasons that you keep getting pulled over and how you can stop it from happening so much.


The Wrong Car

Sometimes, it’s just the car that you’re driving which attracts attention and the police are more likely to pull you over. If you’re driving a very expensive, flashy car, especially if you’re a young driver, that might cause police to be a little suspicious and they may also worry that you’re not handling all of that power and speed responsibly. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be driving a nice car at all, but just be aware that you might be watched more closely so it’s important that your driving is absolutely perfect. This is especially important if you’re driving an expensive car in a run down area because they may assume that you’ve got the money to buy the car through illegal means.

The Wrong Colour

There are a lot of rumours flying around about which colour of car is most likely to get pulled over and you often hear people say that red cars are the worst for it, but that isn’t actually true. However, it is true that some colours are more likely to get pulled over than others. White cars are the most likely to get pulled over, red comes in second, and silver and grey come in third and fourth. It’s not the only thing that affects whether you get pulled over or not but it can have an impact. If it’s becoming a big problem for you, it might be worth considering a respray. Find a decent company that has a good quality car spray booth so you can make sure that they do a good job on it. It probably won’t stop you getting pulled over at all but it could make a difference.

Loud Music

Anything that draws attention to your vehicle makes it more likely that you’ll get pulled over. Loud music is something that people don’t really think about because they don’t think that they’re doing anything illegal, which they usually aren’t, but it can still increase the chances of getting pulled over. If you’re driving on quiet roads then it doesn’t matter too much but if you’re in the centre of a busy city where there are likely to be police cars around, it’s best to keep the volume low. You should also be aware that it is a crime to blast loud music with the windows down and you could get a fine.

Tinted Windows

Some people get tinted windows on their car because it stops the glare from the sun as much and it’s also good because people can’t see inside the car when it’s parked up, which means that potential thieves may be less likely to try to break in. However, a lot of people that have tinted windows are doing it to hide something. In general, tinted windows are treated with suspicion by the police so, even if you’re doing it completely innocently, it might cause you to get pulled over all of the time. In some cases, if the tint is too dark, you could be breaking the law. If you’re worried about protecting your car from theft, just make sure that you don’t leave valuables in there overnight and get a steering wheel lock instead. That will be enough of a deterrent and it doesn’t look suspicious to police.

Watching The Police

Even if they haven’t broken any laws, people get worried when a police car is nearby because they don’t want to get pulled over. But sometimes, it’s that worrying that causes you to get pulled over in the first place. If you’re constantly checking your mirrors to watch the police car behind you, they’ll assume that you’re worried about their presence because you’re breaking the law in some way and they’ll pull you over. It’s much better to just carry on as normal and act as if they weren’t there.

If you’re doing these things while you’re on the road, you’re more likely to get pulled over even if you haven’t done anything wrong at all.

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