• Silent Witness SW011 Compact Witness Camera

Silent Witness SW011 Compact Witness Camera

SW011 Forward Facing & Driver Facing In Car Camera - Accident Recorder system
The Insurance Approved Silent Witness SW011 forward Facing & Driver Facing In-Car Camera with screen for is one of the most popular 2 Camera Accident Dash Cams around. This excellent device with its forward facing camera for the road, and driver facing camera for internal us is the perfect tool to combat crash for cash / flash for cash claims which cost the UK £392m in fraudulent claims a year! On average this costs each and every one of us £50 a year on our policy. 
Ideal for vehicles that may carry extra work colleagues, customers or passengers this give full driver protection and safety as well as passenger safety. 
In the event of an incident you have a clear recorded, dated and timed log of events which speeds up insurance claims and protects you from any fraud that may be attempted.
The SW011 Forward & Driver Facing In Car Camera comes with audio recording as well as a date and time of events. All supported with a HD camera offering 140/120 degree viewing angles.
With its neat and clear LCD Screen the SW011 in car camera has a clear visual display of your journey and events.
Key Features for your SW011 Forward & Driver Facing In-Car Accident Camera:
Technical Specification for the SW011 Forward & Driver Facing In-Car Camera:
Screen: Yes 2.7" LCD 
Finishing: Satin Finish
Recording Modes: High Definition
USB: Yes
Date & Time: Yes
G sensor: Yes 
Microphone: Yes
Speaker: Yes 
Viewing Angle: Front 140° Rear 120° (rotate up & down 20 degree)
Mounting: Windscreen Mount 
Power: 12-24v Cigarette lighter plug
Accessories: FREE 8 gig Micro SD card with USB adapter
Optional Extras: GPS Aerial SW011A


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Silent Witness SW011 Compact Witness Camera

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