Alarm clock with qi wireless charging pad & USB output - black


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The HCG018QI / B is a digital alarm clock that supports Qi technology. If your phone is suitable for this, you can charge it wirelessly. The alarm clock has an L-shaped design, so you can see the time clearly, even when your phone is on the charging platform. The brightness of the LED display is adjustable so the unit is not too bright on dark mornings.

The HCG018QI/B has a single integrated buzzer alarm which also benefits from having a snooze capability for those morning where an extra few minutes dozing is needed.

The HCG018QI/B also has some additional useful functions. The alarm clock has a USB connection, so you can also charge a phone that is not suitable for wireless charging. The spare battery ensures that the alarm clock still works if, for example, the power goes out. In addition, it remembers all functions that you have set. A night light and dimmable display round off the list of features making this unit a great choice.

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