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Alpine adventure premium sound system stage 1+2+3: front, radial speakers on dashboard + subwoofer under front console + amplifier for subwoofer. Made for campers: fiat Ducato iii, Citroen Jumper ii and Peugeot Boxer ii

Alpine Adventure Audio sound systems are designed to deliver excellent sound quality and match the needs of motorhomes and camping vans.

These systems feature new, innovative audio-technologies to achieve the best sound quality in your motorhome. Alpine offers a sound system upgrade in 3 stages for the Fiat Ducato 3 and the same platform of vehicles.

Stage 1 - speakers.

The SPC-R100-DU 12 cm Radial On-dash Speakers create an excellent sound stage in the cabin and strongly improve the vehicle’s sound quality. Especially vocals appear much clearer when listening to news or podcasts. They are compatible with Fiat Ducato 3, Citroën Jumper 2 and Peugeot Boxer 2.

Fitting instructions

Overcoming Limitations

The SPC-R100-DU is designed to overcome the audio limitations of the Fiat Ducato cabin. In the original system, the tweeter and woofer are placed far away from each other, resulting in an unbalanced audio appearance. Vocals are reproduced by the door speakers, which are covered by the legs of the driver and passenger. The Ducato doors have no internal sound-proofing, resulting in strong vibration noise of the inner door panel. Audio playback is also heard easily by neighboring motorhomes on a camping site, due to the missing sound-proofing. The basic concept of the SPC-R100-DU is adding full-range speakers on top of the dashboard, to overcome the mentioned issues from the ground up.

On-Dash Radial Speakers

The 12 cm radial full-range speakers are installed on top of the dashboard and replace the original Ducato tweeters. These speakers feature an inverted cone design, resulting in an excellent 360-degree sound radiation. They deliver excellent sound detail, especially for vocals. This really improves listening to news, podcasts or audiobooks, but also regular music tracks will sound more detailed and balanced.

Easy Installation

Installing the SPC-R100-DU speakers on your dashboard is very easy. The included speaker brackets fit perfectly to the shape of the dash and get mounted with screws.

Due to the very unique speaker design with an inverted cone, we could design the overall speaker very flat, therefore eliminating the need to cut any hole in the dash for the speaker basket or magnet. There are also cable adapters included, allowing a simple plug-and-play adaptation to the original tweeter cable harness.

Stage 2.

You can increase your bass output and overall tonal balance with the SWC-D84S subwoofer system. By adding it to the SPC-R100-DU, you create the Crescendo Ensemble – stage 2 of the Ducato sound system. The subwoofer is integrated perfectly in the center console for a stealthy appearance.

Overcoming Limitations

The SWC-D84S is designed to overcome the audio limitations of the Fiat Ducato cabin. The vehicle’s doors have no internal sound-proofing, resulting in strong vibration noise of the inner door panel. Audio playback is also heard easily by neighboring motorhomes on a camping site, due to the missing sound-proofing. By adding this subwoofer to the center console, you can enjoy much deeper and cleaner bass and overcome the mentioned issues from the ground up.

Perfect Installation

The included steel installation bracket gets mounted to the center console structure below the original cup-holder. The subwoofer enclosure then slides in from the front and perfectly blends into the center console. A cable harness for simple plug-and-play connection to the radio is included. Note that the original cup-holder is mandatory for this installation and needs to be installed as well, if not originally available.

Included Plug-And-Play Wiring Kit

The SWC-D84S includes an ISO cable kit for head unit adaptation. It connects the two rear channels to drive the subwoofer. There is also a low-pass filter that gets connected in line to limit the bandwidth frequency for the subwoofer. This low-pass filter gets removed when upgrading to the Concert Ensemble with the SWA-150KIT.

Stage 3.

Recommended Power-Upgrade

The SWA-150KIT is a highly recommended upgrade for your SWC-D84S subwoofer system. By adding this amplifier kit, you complete the “Concert Ensemble” for your motorhome and you can enjoy great dynamics and exciting bass sound.

150 Watts Amplifier

The included amplifier features a max power output of 150 Watts. Each output channel drives one of the SWC-D84S’s voice coils, ensuring excellent dynamic and fast response speed. The amplifier is very compact and can be easily installed in the compartment behind the cup-holder.

Included Bass Remote

A bass remote knob allows quick access to the amplifier gain. The included controller gets installed in the dashboard and is connected by wire to the amplifier. This makes it very easy to adjust the bass according to the situation, such as driving on a noisy highway or when parked on a camping site.

Included Wiring Kit

Fiat Ducato III (250) 06/2006 →

Fiat Ducato III Facelift (250) 2011 - 2014

Fiat Ducato III (290) 2014 →

Citroën Jumper II (250) 06/2006 →

Peugeot Boxer II (250) 06/2006 →

Compatible with original radio and aftermarket head units.

If you own a liner motorhome, please check compatibility before purchase!




12 cm radial full-range speakers

Inverted cone for flat speaker design

Excellent 360-degree sound radiation


Included on-dash mounting brackets

Included cable adapter for adaption to original tweeter cable

Includes all required installation materials


Power Handling

Peak Power: 180 Watts

RMS Power: 45 Watts


Radial Speaker mounting diameter: 120 mm

Radial Speaker mounting depth: 12 mm

Radial Speaker height: 45 mm


Frequency response: 100Hz – 20kHz

Impedance: 4 Ohms


Subwoofer SWC-D84S:

20 cm flat subwoofer in sealed enclosure

Dual voice coil (2 Ohm + 2 Ohm)

Subwoofer features low power requirements


Included steel mounting bracket for center console installation

Included ISO adapter for adaption to the radio

Includes low-pass filter cable


Power Handling

Peak Power: 250 Watts

RMS Power: 2x 75 Watts (for each voice coil)


This woofer enclosure is designed to fit in the center console below the cup-holder


Frequency response: 30Hz – 200Hz

Impedance: Dual 2 Ohm

FEATURES amplifier for subwoofer SWA-15KIT:


Terminal Layout: One side

Small footprint for easy installation


Amplifier Type: Class-AB

Channel Design: 2-Channel Input (summed to mono)

Thermal Management Control

Speaker Level Input with remote turn on

Crossover: Low-pass filter (LPF)

Gain Control: Adjustable

Wired bass remote and wiring harness included


Max Power Output

Per Channel into 2 Ohms, 14.4V: 2 x 75W


Designed to work with SWC-D84S subwoofer system


Power Requirements: 14.4 V.DC (9 - 16 V allowable)

High Level Input with remote power on

Frequency response: 20 to 125Hz (+0/-3dB)

Weight: 0,3kg

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