Sony Audiophile Hi-Res Media Receiver with Superb Sound Quality RSX-GS9


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Sony RSX-GS9

The ultimate in-car audio experience

Take your in-car audio to outstanding new heights with the RSX-GS9 media receiver. By uniting premium components with our greatest audio technologies including DSD native playback and DSEE HX upscaling you can be sure youll always enjoy high quality audio while youre on the road.

The Way The Artists Truly Intended

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher-than-CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker, so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

Lossless audio comes to your car
With its expanded bandwidth, native Direct Stream Digital (DSD) playback delivers superior audio resolution.

Instant streaming

Make a one-touch connection with Bluetooth via NFC for instant access to your music library.

Purest quality audio

Get the best out of your receiver with a wired connection via one of three USB ports

Studio quality sound at the wheel

Immerse yourself in a whole new in-car listening experience

The RSX-GS9 is a feat of audio engineering, boasting a unique combination of our most refined sound technologies including native DSD lossless playback and an industry-leading ESS digital-to-analogue converter.

Sound that stays true from source to speaker

DSD native playback delivers sharp, lossless audio

Enjoy pure detail in everything you listen to. The RSX-GS9 is the worlds first in-car media receiver with native DSD playback, a codec designed specifically for High-Resolution Audio.

Engineered for ultimate listening pleasure

ESS digital-to-analogue converter

Experience the same calibre of sound usually reserved for high-end home audio products, thanks to the ESS DAC chip an industry-leading converter that realises optimum quality for all of your digital music files.

Hear the difference with DSEE HX upscaling

Bring every track closer to the original recording

Our DSEE HX technology injects more life into your music, upscaling compressed files to near High-Resolution Audio quality. Restoring the subtleties of the original recording simulates the sound of a live performance.

Optimised for excellence

Because premium sound requires premium components

Beneath the beautiful brushed-aluminium finish and OLED display lie carefully engineered components that will revolutionise the way you listen. A high-precision clock generator works to improve digital-to-analogue conversion accuracy, while a separated digital block ensures minimal noise from interference. Each component has its own dedicated circuit to optimise performance

Secure build, smooth sound

Enjoy cleaner tone from a highly rigid chassis

The RSX-GS9 has the highest rigidity ever realised in a receiver chassis. This minimises internal and external vibrations, achieving ultra-low distortion even in a harsh in-car environment.

Pure, undistorted audio

Separated chassis blocks for optimum performance
The dual-layer design of the chassis separates the analogue circuitry from the digital, preventing noise for uncompromised sound quality.

High-quality wired and wireless connection options
Get the full High-Resolution Audio experience when you connect to one of the RSX-GS9s three USB ports, or make a wireless Bluetooth connection via NFC One-touch for total music mobility.

Pure High-Resolution Audio
Get the best from your music via direct USB DAC connection
To get the best quality audio from your receiver, simply hook up your high-resolution capable smartphone to the front USB micro port for direct streaming playback with the ESS D/A converter.

Please Note: This unit is designed to be used with additional amplifiers, it does not have a built in amplifier therefor you will require a separate amplifier with this product!


General Features

  • Aux-In: Yes(Front)
  • EQ: Yes(EQ10)
  • High Pass Filter: Yes(OFF/50/63/79/99/125/158/198/250[Hz])
  • High Voltage Pre Out: Yes
  • Loudness: Yes
  • Low Pass Filter: Yes(PCM:OFF/50/63/79/99/125/158/198/250, DSD:OFF/150[Hz])
  • Pre Out : Front/Rear/Sub
  • Rear Bass Enhancer: No
  • Sub Out Yes
  • Time Alignment Custom: Yes(Adjustable)
  • Time Alignment Preset: Yes
  • USB: Yes(Type A: for Front/Rear, uB for Front)
  • Tuner: Yes AM/FM/MW (NO DAB)
  • Key Colour: White
  • Display: Monochrome
  • Bluetooth Built In: Yes A2DP and Handsfree (No Phonebook or Call History)

Sony XA-MC10 Hands-free external microphone included

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