Keetec TS IMO (V2) Immobiliser (Non Thatcham)

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Keetec TS IMO is a contactless immobilizer for professional protection of the vehicle against unauthorized use, designed for vehicles with on-board voltage 12 / 24 volts.

Deactivation of the immobilizer using the remote control, E-card or personal PIN code (validation).

4 ways to use:

  • Normal: immediate blocking
  • Movement: locking if the vehicle is moving
  • Start / Stop: lock the Start / Stop button
  • Gate: electric gate control
  • Easy programming with a PC.
  • Remote controls with a new generation of floating code.
  • Activation and deactivation in contactless mode.
  • Possibility to create a personal PIN code using original vehicle elements.
  • Suitable for vehicles with 12 and 24V on-board voltage.
  • Integrated tilt sensor & integrated acceleration sensor
  • low battery signal in the remote controller

Output for siren / horn connection

The Keetec TS IMO v2 is an immobilizer that offers premium security with the possibility of contactless control and thus moves the comfort of use to the highest level. The Keetec TS IMO v2 can reliably protect all cars and trucks, motorcycles, construction machinery and, in essence, all vehicles with 12V or 24V on-board voltage, regardless of brand or age. Simply by adding a siren or connecting it to a horn, it also allows for a full audible alarm in the event of an unauthorized person using the vehicle.

Universal use
Thanks to sophisticated authorization modes, the Keetec TS IMO v2 can fully protect the most modern vehicles full of electronics, but also older models, regardless of brand, model or equipment.

It goes unattended
Intelligent controls with the “Hands-free” function enable comfortable control of the system, without the need for any operator, with an extremely long battery life of up to 2 years.

Low consumption yet high performance
The use of modern technologies has enabled our developers to develop a special algorithm for optimizing consumption, which guarantees the maximum level of vehicle security with minimum energy consumption. In practice, the Keetec TS IMO v2 will not discharge the battery even when parked for more than 100 days.

Size matters
Thanks to the minimal dimensions of the control unit, a hidden installation deep inside the vehicle is possible, which greatly complicates the identification of the system in case of an attempt to intrude the system.

If necessary, it can respond
The possibility of connection to the siren or the original horn of the vehicle will enable the sound of a loud acoustic signal in case of an attempt at unauthorized use of the vehicle. There is also the possibility of extension by GSM / GPS module for voice call and vehicle location, for example Keetec GPS SNIPER MAX

It protects also the wheels
Built-in vehicle tilt sensor, ensures that any unauthorized manipulation of the vehicle triggers a local alarm (when using a siren / horn), or informs by call and SMS in case of using GPS SNIPER MAX

Possibility to program 10 remote controllers and 10 e-cards


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