Rosen VPL2591 Fold-Flat 2-channel IR wireless Headphones AC3640

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Rosen VPL2591 Fold-Flat 2-channel IR wireless Headphones AC3640

Rosen VPL2591 (AC3640) -Fold-Flat 2-channel IR wireless Headphones.

Rosen Multimedia Headphones


Rosen's "New and Exclusive Fold-Flat Design" infrared wireless headphones feature a 40mm speaker/driver for outstanding audio quality (this is up to 48% larger than competitive headphones), Auto-Off to preserve battery life, adjustable volume control, stereo/mono settings, auto muting, and are adjustable for most head sizes. The fold-flat design allows users to easily store in seat backs All Rosen overhead video monitors will support an unlimited number of these advanced IR wireless headphones so every mid and third seat passengers can enjoy the true 2-channel stereo sounds available from movie soundtracks or audio discs.


Make sure your system is compatible with wireless infrared (IR) single-channel headphones (VPL2588). These headphones receive a signal from an IR transmitter built into the media system. These headphones allow rear-seat passengers to listen without using the vehicle speakers.

To turn the headphones on and off, push the Power ON/OFF button on the right earpiece. The Power LED on the left earpiece indicates when headphone power is on. Power turns off automatically after three minutes of no audio, in order to preserve battery life.

To adjust the headphone volume, rotate the thumbwheel on the headphones.

To adjust the headphone size for differently-sized heads, slide the top as needed.

If the Media system IR transmitter has two output channels, A and B. Using A and B, then it can transmit two different audio programs at the same time. When using optional Rosen VPL2591 dual-channel headphones, listeners can switch between Channels A and B. 


The wireless IR headphones require two AAA batteries. To replace the batteries, slide off the battery compartment door on the right earpiece and insert batteries, as shown. Make certain that the battery orientation matches the marks inside the battery compartment.


If there is a jack for wired headphones on the forward edge of the unit or under removable cover. Then using optional wired head-phones only use headphones with a volume control, if the system has no volume adjustment.

Headphones are sold in singles

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