RECOIL SL1789 8-inch (200mm) 550W slim amplified under-seat subwoofer with installation wiring kit


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RECOIL SL1789 550W Max / 250W RMS Powered Under-seat Active Slim 8”x9” Subwoofer with Two Passive Radiators and Complete Wiring Kit

The SL1789 compact 8-inch (200mm) amplified subwoofer from RECOIL is an all in one system, allowing you to add deep, accurate bass to your vehicles original sound set up without taking up too much valuable space. Its high quality craftsmanship and slim design mean it fits perfectly under the seats of a van or SUV, or even on the rear bulkhead of a convertible or pickup. With 2 x built-in passive radiators and an included remote control, the SL1789 allows you to change the amount of bass without changing the radio volume allowing the perfect mixture of bass in your music at any volume.

This compact powered 8 Inch by 9 Inch subwoofer delivers surprising low-frequency impact in a tough, all-aluminium frame. The SL1789 package also comes with an adjustable low-pass crossover, variable bass boost, phase switch, and two auto turn-on options: DC offset or signal to sense.

The quick-connect plug and harness include power, signal, and remote turn-on. It also features high and low-level inputs for integration with nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit, plus two automatic turn-on options for incredibly easy

Product Features

  • All in one 8-inch (200mm) subwoofer with small unit design to fit under most vehicle seats
  • 2 x 7 inch by 2 inch passive radiators
  • Die-Cast aluminium heat sink
  • High quality material design and craftsmanship
  • Supports RCA (Low level) or speaker (High level) signal input from audio source
  • Adjustable Gain control to match original vehicle system, so all speakers complement each other
  • Easy-to-use control adjustments conveniently located on side of unit
  • Remote control included

PLEASE NOTE: An installation wiring kit is included with this product, this consists of:

  • 17ft (5m) Premium Frosted Blue 8 Gauge CCA power wire with ring terminal provides optimal power transfer.
  • 3ft (1m) Premium Frosted Black 8 Gauge CCA ground wire with ring terminal
  • 17ft (5m) Oxygen Free Copper 2-Channel Helical twisted construction RCA interconnects cable,
  • 17ft (5m) Blue 18 Gauge remote turn-on lead wire.
  • One Recoil Mini-ANL Fuse-holder with 80A fuse offers ideal protection for high-powered systems One Black rubber firewall grommet.
  • Four 8 Gauge Nickel Plated Ring terminals with blue/black boots.
  • One Red 18 Gauge butt connector. Ten 6” Black zip ties



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