AV 8900 Rosen Rear Seat Entertainment headrests

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AV 8900 Rosen Rear Seat Entertainment headrests

 With convenient multiple media inputs, the AV8900 is ready to accept different types of connections; which include HDMI (x2), USB, micro SD, composites video and auxiliary inputs. Whether your customer has a hard drive full of movies that uses a USB connector or an Amazon Fire Stick where you can stream content via WIFI they will have hours of endless entertainment. (The system includes a long HDMI/USB extension cable so the ports can be installed in a convenient area or the vehicle).

*Headrests subject to availability

Available UK Headrest Applications 

These AV8900 headrests are available in our UK warehouse, ready for next day delivery. Simply include the Part Number in your order info.

The AV8900 headrest monitors elevate the in-vehicle entertainment experience with the amazing video quality. The system’s integrated digital technology keeps the video signals from the player, HDMI, and USB connections in digital form throughout the playback process so pictures look absolutely incredible and colours stay true to its original state.


8-INCH HIGH-RESOLUTION LCD DISPLAY (800 X 480) – Enjoy your favorite movies, television shows, and music videos on large 8-inch screens and experience them all in greater detail.

DIGITAL SYSTEM – Digital video signals from the player, HDMI, and USB inputs are passed on to the monitors in true digital form so what you get is the best quality picture possible from an in-car entertainment system.

CONVENIENT MULTIPLE INPUTS – Whether you have a hard drive full of movies that uses a USB or a portable player with an HDMI output, the system is ready to accept deferent types of connections. The system includes HDMI (x2), USB, micro-SD, composite video, and auxiliary inputs.

HDMI CONNECTIVITY – With multiple HDMI inputs, you can hook up your smartphone*, Amazon® Fire TV StickTM, Roku® Streaming StickTM, etc. and stream content directly into the monitors for endless entertainment, making every drive a fun drive (*must have a WiFi connection). The system includes a long six-foot HDMI/USB extension cable so the ports can be installed at a convenient area of the vehicle Hook up your smartphone* and/or streaming device for endless entertainment. *Additional HDMI adapter required and sold separately

USB INPUT – Load a USB device (up to 1 TB) full of movies, videos, and pictures for hundreds of hours of audio/video entertainment.  The USB port supports file formats up to 1080P and provides truly high-quality 480P video resolution. The USB connection has an output of 2.5 amps for powering and charging today’s most popular devices

CAPACITIVE TOUCH BUTTONS – Capacitive buttons create a clean tablet-style look and enable quick access to commands and features with just a light tap of the controls FITMENT – Available for major automotive brands of mid-and full-sized SUVs, full-sized trucks, and passenger vehicles.


Specifications (Download Headrest Application Guide)

Model -    Rosen AV8900
Application Type -    Headrest Replacement
Screen Type -    8" LCD Display
Resolution -    800x480 Hi-Res
HDMI Input -    Yes (2)
A/V Output Ports -    Yes (2)
DVD/CD/MP3 Playback -    Yes
External Aux Mini Jack Point -    Yes
Micro SD & USB Input -    AV Playback (1TB)
Wireless FM Transmitter -    Yes
Wireless Headphones -  Yes 

Part Number


Factory Colour



Black with Silver Stitch (Grained)



Black with Silver Stitch (Smooth) 


Range Rover

Ebony with White Stitch (Premium)


Range Rover Sport

Ebony with Matching Stitch and 3 Panel Perf Front


Range Rover Sport

Ivory with Matching Stitch and 3 Panel Perf Front


LR Discovery / RRS

Ebony (Premium)


LR Discovery / RRS

Ebony with White Stitch (Premium)


LR Discovery / RRS

Ebony (Standard)


LR Discovery / RRS

Ebony with Silver Stitch (Premium)




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