Park Safe Land Rover Defender Rear Parking Sensor Kit - REV-DEF


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Universal Under hang Parking Sensor kit suitable for Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and 130, 2007 onwards

4 Eye Parking Sensor System with Rubber Sensor Heads - REV-DEF Under bumper

The REV-DEF parking sensors have Rubber Sensor Heads and a 4 Stage Audible Buzzer. Suitable for Commercial Vehicles.


    • Sensitivity adjustable
    • 4 Stage Audible buzzer
    • Sensor installation height adjustable
    • Rubber Sensors 21m
    • Optional Display (not included)

      Technical Specifications

      • Operating Voltage 12 / 24V DC
      • Operating Current 20 / 200Ma
      • Detection Range 0.2 / 1.5m

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