Meta Active Park 4 OEM Style Front Parking Sensors (AP4FOE)

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Meta SystemSKU: ABP05590+A8002300+ABP0223

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The Meta ActivePark 4 Front System has a discreet Factory-Fit look and can also be sprayed to body colour for the OEM finish. Note: Bumper needs to be removed. 19mm Hole

This kit contains ABP05590 + A8002300 + ABP0223

  • Facility for de-activation via the speed sense wire
  • The system can be manually activated or de-activated via the Arm/Disarm button at any time
  • Adjustable sensitivity range (up to 1.1 metres)
  • Adjustable offset (close zone) setting
  • Adjustable buzzer volume
  • Easy diagnostics for servicing
  • Sensor eyes can be sprayed to body colour
  • Option display available ABP0211

Activates automatically when the driver switches the ignition on or selects reverse gear, (this will further protect the front end should it turn when maneuvering) when reverse gear is DE-selected, the system will remain armed for a further 20 seconds to assist with parking maneuvers.

Wiring Diagram

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